ZUBI Breaks African Hip-hop Norms with “LIFESTYLE” Single & Teases “JOURNEY TO IDAN” EP

London, September 15: When African hip-hop collides with soulful symphonies, it’s often magic, but when ZUBI does it? It’s a cosmic explosion. Riding high on the vibrant waves of the African music scene, the London-based maestro has dropped ‘LIFESTYLE’—a track that’s not just a song, but an experience, elevating African artists on the global stage.

With a whopping 250 million global streams and a Spotify tribe nearing a million every month, ZUBI isn’t just adding notes to African hip-hop; he’s rewriting its narrative. His upcoming EP, ‘Journey To Idan’, in partnership with the power-packed independent label emPawa Africa, isn’t just anticipated, it’s expected to redefine genres.

‘LIFESTYLE’ isn’t just a track—it’s the heart of the streets of Abuja meeting the soulful vibes of Budapest. Atmospheric synths? Check. Rhythmic African beats? Absolutely. Lush guitars with a hint of the Saharan sunset? Oh yes. Crafted with musical alchemist Iordan Adrian, ZUBI tells tales of hope, resilience, and the beauty of the journey. As he spilled to Afrocritik, “Lifestyle is my African tapestry of sound, where every situation, good or bad, adds a vibrant thread, turning challenges into rhythmic tales.”

ZUBI’s sound—a cocktail of African authenticity and global appeal—has become an anthem not just in the cozy lanes of Hungary and the rhythmic heartbeats of Nigeria but echoes across the dance floors of Eastern Europe and the soulful corners of the Middle East. And now, with ‘Journey To Idan’, he’s set to sprinkle his Afrobeat magic worldwide.

For those who groove to Burna Boy or nod to the beats of Tems, ZUBI’s ‘LIFESTYLE’ is a golden ticket into the exhilarating world of African hip-hop. This isn’t just a single; it’s a movement, promising that ‘Journey To Idan‘ will be the new North Star for African artists.