Caroline Romano Unveils Ethereal New Single, “Doesn’t Matter”

Caroline Romano

In a melodic revelation, alt-pop luminary Caroline Romano debuts her latest single, “Doesn’t Matter,” resonating across streaming platforms today with ethereal allure and lyrical depth.

Following a constellation of previous singles including “girl in a china shop,” “Tell Her I Said Hi,” and “Used by You,” Romano’s newest release, “Doesn’t Matter,” showcases an evolution of her signature blend of indie-pop and alt-rock. Ethereal synths intertwine with pulsating percussion beneath Romano’s mesmerizing vocals, crafting a sonic landscape that invites listeners into a reverie of introspection and emotion.

Caroline Romano elucidates the essence of “Doesn’t Matter” as a narrative open to interpretation, a reflection on the complexities of relationships and the allure of inevitable heartbreak. With lyrical finesse, she paints a vivid tableau of youthful infatuation amidst the backdrop of a rainy evening, evoking a sense of longing and vulnerability drawn from personal experience.

At a youthful 22 years, Romano, based in the vibrant musical enclave of Nashville, asserts her versatility as an artist, seamlessly traversing realms of tender ballads and impassioned anthems. Her candid songwriting, chronicling the nuances of young adulthood, has garnered acclaim from both audiences and industry tastemakers alike.

Having unveiled her highly anticipated debut album, “Oddities and Prodigies,” in 2022, Romano further cemented her presence with the release of the poignant EP “A Brief Epic” in 2023. With each subsequent single, she unveils new facets of her artistry, showcasing a maturation and authenticity that captivates listeners.

Currently, Romano embarks on a riveting tour alongside Smallpools and Grayscale, igniting stages across the nation with her magnetic stage presence and emotive performances. From Santa Ana to Austin, her tour promises an electrifying journey through her sonic tapestry.

Listen to “Doesn’t Matter” here: