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picture for Weeknd

The Weeknd, Metro Boomin’s “Creepin” Hits No. 1 at Urban Radio

The Weeknd and Metro Boomin's collaborative track 'Creepin' has soared to the top of the charts, claiming the coveted No. 1 spot at Urban Radio. …
picture for Jhené Aiko

Jhené Aiko Scores RIAA Certification for “Lyin King”

Jhené Aiko, the talented and soulful R&B artist, has achieved another milestone in her career. Her popular song 'Lyin King' …

Luke James and Sunny Lewis Announce Pregnancy

Luke James and Sunny Lewis, one of Hollywood's beloved couples, have recently announced their exciting news - they are expecting a baby! The couple shared their joyous news with fans and the media, sparking a wave of anticipation and well wishes from around the world.…
Tone Stith

Tone Stith Gears Up to Release New Single “Girls Like You”

Exciting news for R&B fans! According to a recent article from RatedRnB, talented singer-songwriter Tone Stith has announced the upcoming release of his new single, “Girls Like You”. This exciting development signals Stith’s readiness to follow up on his previous successful projects and continue his rise in the…
Ari Lennox

Ari Lennox Joins Forces with Jermaine Dupri in the Studio

Renowned singer Ari Lennox has recently collaborated with the legendary music producer Jermaine Dupri in a studio session. This intriguing development, highlighted in a recent RatedRnB article, has fans buzzing with anticipation for the resulting music that this artistic partnership will yield. Dupri, an influential figure in the…
Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys, Khalid, and Lucky Daye: Triumphant Trio Hits Number One on R&B Radio with “Come for Me”

The compelling collaboration of Alicia Keys, Khalid, and Lucky Daye has resulted in an unforgettable musical achievement. Their hit single “Come for Me” has soared to the number one position on the R&B radio charts, as reported in a recent article on RatedRnB. This impressive accomplishment showcases the…

Producer Camper Releases Mesmerizing Track “Whatever You Say”

Acclaimed producer Camper has once again demonstrated his exceptional music production skills with the release of his latest track, “Whatever You Say”. Known for his versatile approach to music, Camper’s new release showcases his ability to fuse together different styles to create an impactful sound. In “Whatever You…

Rory Unveils His Anticipated Debut Album “I Thought It’d Be Different”

Rising R&B star Rory has finally dropped his highly anticipated debut album, “I Thought It’d Be Different”. The album provides an intimate glimpse into Rory’s experiences, emotions, and evolution as an artist, making it a fascinating listen for all R&B enthusiasts. “I Thought It’d Be Different” delves deep…
Saint Smith

Saint Smith Unveils Debut Album “Yours Saintly”

Emerging R&B artist Saint Smith has made a bold entrance into the music industry with the release of his debut album, “Yours Saintly”. Displaying a deep understanding of the R&B genre’s nuances, Saint Smith has crafted an album that simultaneously pays homage to the genre’s roots and explores…
Lauren Spencer

“Lauren Spencer Smith’s ‘That Part’: An Insight into Her Upcoming Album ‘Mirror'”

Lauren Spencer Smith, the talented Canadian singer-songwriter, has unveiled a new track titled “That Part” from her forthcoming debut album “Mirror” on May 25, 2023. The song represents a significant deviation from her well-known ‘sad’ brand as she delves into the exploration of love. “That Part” is a…
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