Kenyon Dixon Takes You on a Journey of Love with New Single “Far Away”

Kenyon Dixon

Kenyon Dixon, despite being on tour, continues to release new music. The Grammy-nominated artist has dropped his latest single, “Far Away”. Co-produced with Frank Rose, “Far Away” is a smooth R&B track about lovers seeking to escape their daily grind and enjoy some intimate time together.

Dixon croons in the track, “We can go anywhere you want / What you wanna do? / It don’t matter / Let me know / I don’t really care as long as we go together, baby,” encapsulating the essence of romantic adventure and connection.

This new song follows Dixon’s previous release, “Still”, which came out in May. Discussing “Still” with Rated R&B, Dixon noted, “This track celebrates the timeless essence of true R&B. There’s often criticism about the lack of tempo in modern R&B or it not feeling traditional when it does have tempo. ‘Still’ balances energy without losing its soulful core, capturing the carefree vibe of classic R&B summers.”

Both “Far Away” and “Still” will be featured on “The R&B You Love: For the ‘99 and the 2000s,” the second part of the deluxe edition of Dixon’s 2023 album, “The R&B You Love You“. This follows the release of the first installment, “The R&B Love: Soul of the ’70s,” earlier this spring.

Explaining his approach to these deluxe editions, Dixon told Rated R&B, “These installments are very deliberate. I have a deep appreciation for the music that shaped us. I aim to pay tribute to our musical pioneers and heroes through my work.” This reveals Dixon’s dedication to honoring the roots of R&B while infusing his own contemporary style.

In addition to his new releases, Dixon is currently headlining “The R&B You Love Tour,” with special guest Jack Freeman. This tour is a major highlight of his career and will wrap up on July 28 in Los Angeles. Afterward, Dixon will join PJ Morton on the “Cape Town To Cairo Tour,” starting on July 31, broadening his audience with his soulful performances.

Kenyon Dixon’s tour dates for “The R&B You Love Tour” include: July 9 in Chicago, IL at The Promontory; July 11 in Detroit, MI at Deluxx Flux; July 13 in Atlanta, GA at Terminal West; July 17 in Charlotte, NC at Neighborhood Theatre; July 22 in Washington, D.C. at Union Stage; July 23 in Philadelphia, PA at World Café Live; July 24 in Boston, MA at The Sinclair; July 25 in New York, NY at Racket; and July 28 in Los Angeles, CA at El Rey.

Releasing new music while touring highlights Dixon’s dedication and passion for his art. His latest singles, combined with his powerful live performances, reinforce his significant presence in the R&B genre. Celebrating his 35th birthday and anticipating new achievements, Dixon remains focused on producing music that respects the rich tradition of R&B while appealing to contemporary listeners.

With “Far Away” and his ongoing projects, Kenyon Dixon is set to make a lasting impact on the R&B scene, offering fans a mix of nostalgic and modern elements that keep the genre fresh and exciting.