Craig David Looks Back on Iconic 2002 ‘VIBE’ Cover and Teases Usher Reunion at Lovers & Friends

Craig David

Craig David was eagerly anticipating Lovers & Friends Fest 2024. The event even sparked his upcoming 7 Days Commitment tour. Despite the sudden cancellation, VIBE had a nostalgic conversation with the British singer about potentially reuniting with Usher for the one-day festival as he reflected on their February 2002 VIBE cover when they were dubbed the “new sound of R&B.”

“Do you know how amazing that cover is? It’s a core memory for me,” Craig David shared over Zoom. “I can remember it like it was yesterday. Seeing Faith Evans; I was just thrilled. Then you got Blu Cantrell, and the big man Usher in the building. It was so wholesome, and I’m so grateful to have experienced that as an 18-year-old kid coming over from the UK to be in the presence of greatness. Every time I look at it, it just makes me smile.”

When later discussing what would’ve been a reunion of sorts with Usher at Lovers & Friends, David praised the “You Make Me Wanna” singer and his longevity.

“Do you know what’s so beautiful about it? Going to Vegas and doing a residency, he set the tone for the next phase of your whole career and legacy I was so happy for him because this kind of career longevity is something that’s not easy to maintain. It’s not easy to handle the spotlight shifting to different sounds and moments, but Usher has stayed consistent and true to himself. When the lights shine back on you and you’re ready, it’s just the most beautiful thing. Seeing Usher have that experience gave me a confidence boost.”

The 42-year-old emphasized his joy in seeing others succeed, saying, “My real joy is that none of this is ever competition. There are so many spaces for different artists. If we can help each other win, then we all win.” Despite the now-cancelled performance being the unofficial first stop on his upcoming tour, David promised that the week-long run is just a preview of what’s to come.

“I want to come and do a full-fledged tour,” he expressed before teasing, “It may actually be more extensive than the UK tour, if I’m being honest.”

His 7 Days Commitment tour started May 6 and goes through May 16 in select cities like New York City, Atlanta, Toronto, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and San Francisco. The UK trek takes place in February 2025.