8 New and Rising Artists Shaping the Future of Music in 2024

kevynn hudsonn rose quartz

In 2024, a variety of artists are poised to make a significant impact across various genres, spanning from gritty rap to emotive indie-pop and soul. Discover 8 rising talents, including Lucy TunE.P. OnenonlyLady London, Kevynnn Hudsonn and Latin Mafia, who are set to capture audiences worldwide.

Each of these artists has their own compelling journey to success. Some have been winning over crowds on tour alongside renowned acts, steadily building their fanbase. Others are gearing up to release highly-anticipated debut albums that showcase the promise hinted at by their early singles. And for some, years of persistent effort are finally paying off as they break through to wider recognition. Whatever your musical preferences are, you’ll find a new favorite to cheer on in 2024. 

1. ovrkast.

ovrkast. swiftly transitioned from being an underground favorite to a force impossible to overlook. In 2022, he showed his MC skills on “redveil’s learn 2 swim” and left his mark on projects like “MAVI’s Let the Sun Talk” and Drake’s “For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition.” Known primarily as a producer, ovrkast. plans to shift the spotlight to his rapping mastery in 2024, aiming to solidify his status as a top-tier MC-beatmaker combo.

2. Love Spells

18-year-old Houston artist Love Spells emerged in 2023 with the dreamy indie rock/pop track “Come Over And Love Me.” Its immediate familiarity resonated with listeners, tapping into a bittersweet nostalgia akin to a timeless favorite. With a handful of releases since his breakthrough single, Love Spells wants deliver more frequently in 2024, teasing something special on the horizon.

3. Kevynn Hudsonn

Kevynn Hudsonn has had a lot of exciting things going on around him and we are excited to share it with you. Straight from Brooklyn, he is one to watch out for this Spring! He made us a fan with tracks like “Rose Quartz” and got a lot more baggage on his Dsps. His seductive bars, beat selection, and hypnotic flows make it easy to root for him and his career. He keeps his foot on the gas when it comes to putting out music. Kevynn is a generational talent that you don’t see every day and deserves attention throughout the year, so be sure to check him out.

In the bustling borough of Brooklyn, New York, an enigmatic figure emerges onto the music scene, captivating audiences with his distinctive blend of sounds and styles. Meet Kevynn Hudsonn, a multifaceted artist who defies categorization, seamlessly weaving together elements of R&B, hip-hop, synth-pop, and alternative rock.

Hudsonn’s music transcends traditional genre boundaries, offering listeners a journey through a sonic landscape that is at once chill and melancholic, reflective and sensuous. Drawing inspiration from diverse influences spanning decades, his compositions resonate with echoes of 80s indie pop and the timeless allure of classic rock.

But it’s not just the music that sets Kevynn Hudsonn apart – it’s the haunting sincerity of his lyrics, crafted with care and precision to be both radio-friendly and infectiously catchy. Each song is a testament to his ability to evoke emotion, inviting listeners into a world that is at once familiar and utterly unique.

4. Wasia Project

In 2024, the enchanting voices of Wasia Project, a British-Asian sibling duo consisting of Olivia Hardy and Will Gao, steal the spotlight. You might recognize Will, one half of the duo, from the queer coming-of-age series Heartstopper; their track “ur so pretty” features in season 2. Anticipation mounts for their debut album, especially now that filming for season 3 of Heartstopper has concluded.

5. Towa Bird

Towa Bird kickstarted her career via TikTok and YouTube, riffing funky tunes like Supertramp‘s “Breakfast In America” and Tame Impala‘s “The Less I Know the Better.” With live covers of Blur and guitar skills reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix, Bird’s musical roots are evident. However, her solo work is a unique blend. Tracks like “Drain Me!” and the upcoming “B.I.L.L.S.” promise energetic moshing vibes, as showcased in her EP, “Live from Terminal 5,” recorded during Reneé Rapp‘s Snow Hard Feelings Tour.

6. TisaKorean

In 2023, TisaKorean, a Houston sensation, reached a turning point. Opening for Don Toliver‘s Love Sick tour and featuring on Don’s album marked milestones. His own release, “Let Me Update My Status,” gained traction. Notably, Kendrick Lamar sported Tisa’s “silly hoe” hoodie, and viral gas station dance videos became a norm. His infectious energy shines on Instagram, where he dances in oversized tees, often alongside his partner Mighty Bay. Moments like the “FOOLIE DEE” release exemplify Tisa’s mantra: keep it fun and carefree. As he champions a playful ethos, TisaKorean emerges as the soundtrack for a spirited, ADHD generation, spreading joy with each step.

7. Lady London

Lady London made waves last year with collaborations with Ciara and Lola Brooke on the “Da Girls” remix. Her “Pop Ya Shit” freestyle gained traction, earning praise from Nas and Big Daddy Kane. Lady London’s debut album, S.O.U.L (Signs of Universal Love), dropped in November, showing her storytelling expertise. Partnering with CÎROC for their Honey Melon vodka release further solidified her influence. With her distinctive flow and tone, Lady London remains a trendsetter.

8. Asha Imuno

Asha Imuno‘s music unfolds as an abstract stream of consciousness, weaving self-inspired narratives and vibrant visuals that resonate long after the music fades. Tradition takes a backseat to experimentation, merging retro soul with futuristic raps in a disorienting yet familiar landscape. His momentum in 2023, fueled by a mixtape and singles, solidified his reputation for introspection and risk-taking. With his debut album set to release on March 1, 2024, Asha Imuno’s breakout year is on the horizon.

For those who find solace in the esoteric, who resonate with the brooding introspection of the misfit creative, these artists extend an invitation to join them on a sonic odyssey. Together, we embark on a journey through dreamlike landscapes, where music becomes both a visual and mental experience, stirring the soul and igniting the imagination.

Welcome aboard – the adventure awaits.