The Weeknd’s “Trust Issues (Remix)” Surfaces on Spotify Amidst Hacking Incident

the weeknd

In an unexpected turn of events, fans of The Weeknd were treated to a surprise when a familiar track, “Trust Issues (Remix),” appeared on The Weeknd’s Spotify artist page on December 18. The song, originally surfacing in 2011, is The Weeknd’s unique take on Drake‘s “Trust Issues,” featuring modified lyrics, blurring the lines between a cover and a remix.

The appearance of “Trust Issues” on Spotify raised eyebrows among fans, prompting speculation about its legitimacy. One observant listener noted the absence of proper credits, tweeting, “This will be gone very fast, it looks like someone did that and it’s not approved by himself or the Label. – Label is called weeknd – No writer and producer – It would be called Trust Issues (Remix) – It would be out on other platforms.

Soon after, it was revealed that the upload was not authorized. The Weeknd himself retweeted a post confirming the unauthorized release, stating, “‘Trust Issues’ is NOT an official release! The Weeknd’s Spotify account was hacked, and the hacker released the song ‘Trust Issues’.”

As a result, the song has been swiftly removed from Spotify and all other streaming platforms. The incident highlights the challenges artists may face in safeguarding their digital presence and the importance of prompt action to rectify unauthorized releases.