Rhyan Douglas Reflects on Past Love with “Young & Reckless”

Rhyan Douglas

Emerging artist Rhyan Douglas unveils his latest track, “Young & Reckless,” marking the second release from his debut EP, CIRCLES. Produced by Wahwah James, this acoustic-laden tune follows the success of Douglas’ debut single, “Last Page,” which was released in November.

In “Young & Reckless,” the 19-year-old singer takes listeners on a journey through the memories of a relationship that eventually faded away. With introspective lyrics, Douglas shares his feelings about the aftermath of a love that once burned brightly.

Rhyan Douglas Young and Reckless
Rhyan Douglas

In a poignant moment of the song, he sings, “Driving by your house for like the fifth time / Slowly everything starts to sink in / And now I see I was blinded by strobe lights / You were in a crowded room of your thoughts,” capturing the emotional complexity of love and loss.

Rhyan Douglas views “Last Page” as the starting point of his musical journey, expressing emotions he hadn’t vocalized before. He shares, “I’m not great at telling people how I feel sometimes, so I tend to let them be; it’s something I’m now distancing myself from.” Both “Last Page” and “Young & Reckless” are part of his upcoming debut EP, “CIRCLES,” a nine-track project executive produced by Wondagurl and Eli Brown.

As Rhyan Douglas continues to make waves in the R&B scene, “Young & Reckless” serves as a compelling chapter in his musical narrative, showcasing his ability to connect with audiences through soulful storytelling.

Listen to Rhyan Douglas’ “Young & Reckless” here.