Raiche Unveils Therapeutic EP “Loveland” Featuring Ty Dolla $ign Remix


Raiche, the rising singer, has unveiled her latest project, the EP titled Loveland, released under GDE/Island Prolific/Atlantic Records. This 13-track offering features a selection of previously shared songs, including “Burn Your Clothes,” “Fool,” “Feelings,” “Big Daddy,” “Late Show,” and “Half & Half.”

One notable track from the EP is the remix of “Pick A Side” with Ty Dolla $ign. Originally released in September 2020, the song marked Raiche’s first top 10 hit on R&B radio, reaching No. 2 on Billboard’s Adult R&B Airplay chart.

In a recent interview, Raiche shared insights into the EP’s creation and highlighted “Fool” as a particularly therapeutic track. She explained that the song reflects a personal situation and the challenges she faced, expressing, “I was going through it back then too, but I didn’t have the power in myself to walk away then.”

Raiche Fool single cover
Atlantic Records

The EP explores various themes, but Raiche points out the title track, “Loveland,” as a standout finale. Describing it as having “an interludy type of vibe” that is “cute and sexy with some innuendos,” the song adds a unique touch to the overall EP.

Raiche, known for her openness and honesty in her music, discussed the therapeutic nature of the writing and recording process for ‘Loveland.’ She expressed the importance of sharing her truth, stating, “I find it awful if I have to hold things back. It stresses me out. So it’s even more therapeutic in that sense where other people are like, ‘Wow. I went through that same thing’ or ‘I feel that emotion,’ or ‘you are speaking to me.’”

Listeners can immerse themselves in Raiche’s latest musical offering, Loveland, by streaming it below.