Raiche Catches ‘Feelings’ On New Single

Raiche’s heart is fluttering uncontrollably as she sings about her “Feelings” on her current track.

Raiche lets down her guard on “Feelings,” falling madly in love with someone new after a string of failed love tales. Images of a blooming connection between her and this prospect flash through her thoughts as she sings of lovely moments together.

Feelings” is the next single to be taken from Raiche’s planned debut album, Loveland, which is set to be released later this year. In July, she released the downtempo “Fool” as the album’s first single. It was about this time that she confirmed its inclusion on her first album for Atlantic Records.

Of the album’s inspiration, Raiche mentioned:
“It’s about everyday love. I am such an open person. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I don’t care to sometimes be brutally honest and live my truth. I find it awful if I have to hold things back. It stresses me out. So it’s even more therapeutic in that sense where other people are like, ‘Wow. I went through that same thing’ or ‘I feel that emotion,’ or ‘you are speaking to me.’”