Aaron Taylor Releases Deluxe Version of “HAVE A NICE DAY!” EP

aaron taylor

British R&B singer, songwriter, and producer Aaron Taylor has dropped the deluxe version of his EP HAVE A NICE DAY!, expanding on the original release from May. The updated version includes two previously released tracks, “For Sure” and “Back To You.”

Explaining the theme of “For Sure,” Taylor stated that it revolves around reassuring a loved one that their relationship can withstand life’s changes. The deluxe version incorporates two additional songs: “Can’t Be Bothered” featuring Kota The Friend and “Rest Your Head.”

In “Can’t Be Bothered,” a collaboration with Kota The Friend, Taylor expresses the desire to stay in a comfortable lane that aligns with his lifestyle. The final track, “Rest Your Head,” features a soothing backing choir, providing a calming experience for the listener.

Speaking about the deluxe version, Taylor stated, “Somewhat unintentionally, the songs from HAVE A NICE DAY! focus on a ‘take-it-easy’ theme and being OK with the ebbs and flows of life.” He envisions the EP as a soundtrack to a day in someone’s life, capturing the different moods and moments.

Taylor shared his creative process, mentioning a desire to enjoy the music-making journey post-pandemic and a theme of quietly savoring life one day at a time. He describes the songs as a reflection of his subconscious mind, reminding him not to take life too seriously.

HAVE A NICE DAY! (Deluxe Version) follows Taylor’s debut album ICARUS in 2020, which received acclaim and featured a collaboration with Lalah Hathaway.

You can listen to HAVE A NICE DAY! (Deluxe Version) on your preferred streaming platform.