Sister Act The Amours Debut “Changes,” An EP Exploring Growth and Farewell

The Amours

Sister duo The Amours have unveiled their eagerly anticipated debut EP, Changes, via November Yellow. This ten-track offering, helmed by executive producer Camper, features previously released singles “Before I Met You,” “On The Run,” “JK, I Love You,” and the smooth collaboration with TA Thomas, “Pick Me Up.” The project also boasts a heartwarming surprise – a spoken word intro and interlude featuring their mother, adding a personal touch to the narrative.

The title track, “Changes,” delves into the complexities of personal evolution. Jakiya and Shaina sing about leaving behind situations and relationships that no longer serve them, embracing the transformative power of growth. Lines like “I’m going through changes / Must be my fault / Change ain’t a bad thing / ‘Cause I don’t feel bad at all” capture this sentiment beautifully.

Changes takes listeners on an emotional journey. “Safety Net,” a lush ballad placed near the album’s end, explores the bittersweet reality of a failing relationship. The sisters sing about the need to prioritize self-preservation with lyrics like “We ain’t no good for me, I gotta / Change it all up / Such a dangerous love.”

The EP concludes with a powerful goodbye. “Goodbye,” co-produced by Alex Isley, Camper, and Warryn Campbell, offers a definitive closure to a toxic relationship. The line “No regrets, once I let you go” speaks to the liberating power of letting go.

“We’re incredibly excited to share this work with the world,” The Amours shared in a heartfelt statement. “Creating Changes has been one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. We were able to truly be vulnerable and share a side of ourselves that our fans haven’t seen before.”

The journey wasn’t without its challenges. “This process involved a whirlwind of changes,” they continued. “From the title to the song selection, we even had to scrap everything and start over at one point. But we embraced every obstacle we faced.”

The Amours recently suffered a heartbreaking loss – their grandfather, Lee S. Berry. They dedicated the EP to him, their hero, acknowledging his unwavering support. “As we move forward and grapple with one of the hardest changes we’ve ever faced, we know he’s looking down on us, cheering us on,” they shared.

The Amours will hit the road this summer in support of Changes. Their mini-tour kicks off on June 8th at the Phoenix International Benefit Gala in La Plata, Maryland. Following this stop, they’ll grace stages in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Philadelphia.

Dive into the sonic world of The Amours with their debut EP, Changes. Check out the music and their tour dates here.