Journey Montana Unveils Second EP “Stargirl” Featuring Eric Bellinger

Journey Montana

Emerging singer and songwriter Journey Montana has released her highly anticipated second EP, Stargirl, via 10K Projects. The eight-track project includes the previously unveiled tracks “CryBaby” and “Jack,” the latter featuring inspiration from Ray Charles‘ soul classic “Hit the Road Jack.

In an exclusive interview, Montana shared insights into the song “Jack,” stating, “On my version, ‘Jack’ represents hitting a breaking point and what happens when you realize enough is enough and it’s time to let that man go. This is a song about a woman choosing and trusting herself.”

One of the highlights of Stargirl is the track “Undefeated,” featuring the talented Eric Bellinger. The sensual song captures the essence of two lovers yearning for each other during the late hours of the night. The EP also includes its official music video.

Expressing her hopes for what fans take away from Stargirl, Montana said, “I hope they take away a better understanding of who I am and what my sound is. I hope by the end they have a personal perfect time to play my music — whether that be when they’re sad, happy, angry, in the gym, in love, or affirming themselves.”

She continued, “It took me forever to feel completely comfortable with where my (always evolving) sound is, and I am unapologetically proud of every song. So I hope it finds its way to all of my like-minded people, and they can feel the same way I feel about this project.”

Stargirl serves as the follow-up to Montana’s debut project, In & Out, which was released in 2021. The new EP showcases Journey Montana’s growth as an artist and her unapologetic pride in her evolving sound.

Listen to Journey Montana’s latest project, Stargirl, featuring Eric Bellinger and other compelling tracks, offering listeners a diverse and captivating musical experience.