Syleena Johnson and Omari Hardwick Unite for Emotional Remix “Monsters in the Closet” Ahead of 2024 Album Release

Syleena Johnson

Syleena Johnson, the esteemed R&B artist, has teamed up with actor and poet Omari Hardwick for a powerful remix of her poignant track, “Monsters in the Closet.” The song, featured on Johnson’s upcoming album Legacy, delves into her personal struggles with anxiety, trauma, and the challenges of navigating the entertainment industry.

In the reflective and diaristic lyrics, Johnson candidly shares her experiences, addressing the toll of past trauma and the difficulties of fame. She pays tribute to her late father, blues and soul singer Syl Johnson, who passed away in 2022, expressing the profound impact of his loss on her and her family.

“Don’t believe everything that you see / ‘Cause trust me, all that I have came with a large fee / So high, so steep to the point it almost killed me / But God, gave me a walk through the valley / Thank God, he’s been there to cover me,” sings Johnson in the second verse.

The song takes a deeply personal turn as Johnson laments the loss of her father, highlighting the emotional toll it took on her. She emphasizes the healing power of music but also acknowledges the challenges and sacrifices that come with a career in the industry.

Syleena Johnson, Omari Hardwick
SJ Entertainment

Omari Hardwick contributes to the remix with a heartfelt third verse, sharing his own experiences with mental health. His lyrical contribution adds depth and authenticity to the track, creating a collaborative piece that resonates with emotional intensity.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Syleena Johnson emphasized the urgency of addressing mental health issues, stating, “I felt like it was time for ‘Monsters in the Closet’ because we are suffering a mental health crisis in this world right before our eyes. As creatives and artists/entertainers, we can no longer be excused from activism through our art. We have to be bold with our lyrics to help to promote healing.”

Johnson expressed admiration for Omari Hardwick’s lyrical genius, stating that he was a perfect fit to convey the deep sentiment of the record.

“Monsters in the Closet (Remix)” featuring Omari Hardwick is not the only version of the track. Johnson has also released remixes featuring Rhymfest and Joshua Gunn. The original version of “Monsters in the Closet” was released on September 1, marking Johnson’s first non-holiday song since 2021’s “The Making of a Woman.”

The remix is a precursor to Syleena Johnson’s upcoming album, Legacy, scheduled for release in 2024. The album is dedicated to her late father, Syl Johnson, a celebrated artist known for hits like “Is It Because I’m Black” and “Different Strokes.”