Syleena Johnson Announces New Album ‘Legacy’ and Release Date

Queen Syleena

Syleena Johnson, the Grammy-nominated singer, is set to release her 12th studio album, Legacy, on August 30 via SJ Entertainment. This new project follows her 2021 release, The Makings of a Woman (The Deluxe Edition), which expanded on her 2020 LP, Woman.

Legacy will feature previously released singles “Monsters in the Closet” and “Black Balloon.” “Black Balloon” earned Johnson her first entry on Billboard’s Adult R&B Airplay chart in a decade. The song, which samples her late father Syl Johnson’s “Black Balloons,” holds special significance as the album is dedicated to him.

“Monsters in the Closet” addresses the global mental health crisis. Johnson explained to Rated R&B, “I felt like it was time for ‘Monsters in the Closet’ because we are suffering a mental health crisis in this world right before our eyes.” She emphasized the responsibility of artists to engage in activism through their work. “As creatives and artists/entertainers, we can no longer be excused from activism through our art. We have to be bold with our lyrics to help promote healing,” she stated.

The dedication of Legacy to Syl Johnson underscores the personal nature of this album. Syleena Johnson’s music often explores themes of family, heritage, and personal growth. In her previous album, Woman, she focused on the emotional and spiritual experiences of women. “I wanted to create something that focused on us and our heart and how we feel,” Johnson shared with Rated R&B. The original Woman album included collaborations with artists such as Raheem DeVaughn and Q Parker.

Ahead of the album release, Syleena Johnson will be performing in several U.S. cities, including Memphis, Chicago, and Baltimore. These performances will provide fans with a preview of her new music and a chance to experience her live.

In addition to her solo work, Johnson recently announced that she is part of a new R&B supergroup, The Chi, alongside Carl Thomas and Dave Hollister. This collaboration brings together three of R&B’s most respected voices, promising to deliver a unique blend of their distinct styles.

Syleena Johnson’s Legacy album is not just a tribute to her father but also a testament to her enduring influence in the R&B genre. With a career spanning over two decades, Johnson continues to address relevant issues through her music. Her commitment to activism, mental health awareness, and personal storytelling ensures that her work resonates deeply with listeners.

As the release date for Legacy approaches, anticipation builds among her fans and the broader music community. Johnson’s ability to blend personal experiences with broader social themes makes her music both relatable and impactful. Legacy promises to be another significant chapter in her career, reinforcing her position as a powerful voice in contemporary R&B.