Savannah Ré and Fana Hues Collaborate with DJ Rosegold on Vibrant Track “Passion”

Savannah Ré

R&B sensations Savannah Ré and Fana Hues have joined forces with DJ Rosegold to create an exciting new track titled “Passion.” The Caribbean-flavored song, co-written by DJ Rosegold, Ambré, and Savannah Ré, explores the dynamics of a fleeting relationship and the decision to savor its temporary nature.

DJ Rosegold, known for her creative prowess, co-produced “Passion” with CVRE, Chillaa, and Kasey Phillips. The track serves as the lead single from DJ Rosegold’s upcoming debut album, promising listeners a journey of creativity, collaboration, and, of course, passion.

Reflecting on the collaborative process, DJ Rosegold expressed her excitement, stating, “Crafting my debut single was a dream come true – an incredible journey of creativity, collaboration, and passion.” The artist, who previously toured with Savannah Ré in 2018 and opened for Fana Hues’ sold-out show in Los Angeles this year, sees the project as a full-circle moment.

DJ Rosegold, Savannah Ré Fana Hues Passion single cover
Rosegold University

Savannah Ré, discussing her experience working on “Passion,” mentioned the organic and meticulous nature of the creation process. She praised her collaborators, stating, “Fana and Rose were amazing to work with. It was great being in such good company.”

Fana Hues expressed gratitude for the opportunity to explore a new sonic arena with “Passion,” commending DJ Rosegold for facilitating the experience. The collaborative effort features a blend of talents, and Hues expressed happiness about being in the company of Savannah Ré, DJ Rosegold, and all the talented individuals involved in bringing “Passion” to life.

Both Savannah Ré and Fana Hues have had notable releases in recent times. In March 2022, Hues dropped her album flora + fana, followed by a deluxe version later in the year. Ré, on the other hand, released her EP No Weapons in early fall 2022, featuring the JUNO Award-winning single “Last One.

Listen to the vibrant collaboration “Passion” by DJ Rosegold, Savannah Ré, and Fana Hues here.