Savannah Ré Links With Boi-1da For New Single “Closure”

Savannah Ré, reuniting with longtime collaborator and Drake’s go-to producer Boi-1da, demonstrates a fresh side of her creativity with “Closure.” Savannah emphasizes her value in the new song and calls out poisonous Fboy vibes. “Closure” combines Baile Funk rhythms with dancehall and soca sounds to create an uptempo composition unlike anything Savannah has previously produced.

“Closure” is the second single from Savannah’s highly anticipated sophomore album No Weapons, which is set to be released early this fall.

“I tapped into my past for this one, especially on the voicemail in the beginning (that’s actually me),” Savannah shares. “‘Closure’ is about a relationship that has run its course, but you’re still enamoured with this person and make the last-ditch effort to hold onto something that’s already gone. Even though it’s about toxicity, I wanted it to have an uplifting energy to it with tempo and bright sounds.”

Savannah continues the story begun by the EP’s seductive first track, “About U,” which was released last month with “Closure.” “About U,” praised for its tenderness and silky, perfect vocals, set the tone for Savannah’s new artistic chapter – one that is shamelessly real.

“Closure” is produced by Boi-1da, YogiTheProducer and Kevinshideout. “When Yogi and I brought the production to Boi-1da and played it for him, he was like, ‘Oh yeah, this is crazy,’ says Savannah. “He knew exactly what it needed. He added his 1da sauce to it and it became this hybrid of a bunch of different genres – something that I haven’t really made before.”