The “Evil Genius” Behind “Advice”: A Glimpse into Mr Eazi’s Power-packed Return

Mr Eazi

New Single Out Now – New Album Out October 27th.

GLOBAL MUSIC SUPERSTAR MR EAZI is no stranger to the spotlight or to the vast, captivating audiences that hang onto his every note. Yet, as the calendar turned to September 1, the airwaves resonated with a fresh and poignant sound – ‘Advice’, his new single, a prelude to the much-anticipated album, ‘The Evil Genius’.
Produced by the illustrious Ghanaian maestro, M.O.G. Beatz, ‘Advice’ is not just another track on a star’s album; it’s an epitome of Eazi’s journey through the tumultuous waves of success. Amidst the haunting beats and the dark tones that would make even the brave hesitant, Mr Eazi recounts a particularly challenging chapter of his life. “When you first come up, everybody is in love with you, then they want to draw you down,” he reflects. It’s a narrative every artist, at some juncture, can resonate with; the ascent to fame’s pinnacle is often paired with the solitude it brings.

As an ode to both past heroes and personal introspection, ‘Advice’ does more than just provide beats for your Friday night. The lyrics, heavy with symbolism and sentiment, bring forth names of influential African figures, bridging the past with the contemporary struggles of betrayal and identity. Drawing from a pot of inspiration brimming with resilience, Mr Eazi asserts, “I was coming from a place of having that energy.”
The album, ‘The Evil Genius’, is not just an exploration of cities or sounds, but an intimate dive into Mr Eazi’s psyche. From the vibrant streets of Ouidah to the bustling rhythms of New York City, the 16-track magnum opus touches subjects from love and loneliness to family and identity. In a candid conversation, Eazi divulges that the title isn’t a mere marketing gimmick. “It’s me fighting the ‘people pleaser’ in me, and accepting that image,” he says.

But what truly sets this album apart is Mr Eazi’s innovative fusion of sound and sight. Collaborating with artists from across Africa, each track is embodied in a distinct piece of art. ‘Advice’ gets its visual representation from the talented Nairobi-based artist, Alphonce Odhiambo. This amalgamation is Eazi’s bold statement on the symbiotic relationship between Africa’s booming pop culture and its rich artistic heritage.
Ahead of the album’s grand release, Mr Eazi has curated a series of multi-sensory exhibition listening experiences. It’s an invitation to not just hear, but to feel the music, to be immersed in its stories and its essence. Starting in Ghana and later traveling to London, these exhibitions promise a holistic experience.

Mr Eazi

From the bustling streets of Lagos to collaborations with global icons like Beyoncé, Mr Eazi’s journey is emblematic of a relentless pursuit of innovation. His eclectic blend of Ghanaian highlife with Nigerian rhythms, aptly termed Banku Music, stands testimony to his genius. But beyond the foot-tapping hits and billion streams, Eazi’s impact can be felt in his commitment to propelling the next generation of African artists.

His venture, emPawa Africa, stands as a beacon for budding talent across the continent. The likes of Joeboy and Major League DJz owe their meteoric rise, in part, to Mr Eazi’s vision.
The world has danced to Mr Eazi’s beats, from ‘Bad Vibe’ to ‘Leg Over’. And as the days draw nearer to October 27, the globe waits in earnest.