Casper Sage Drops New EP Synthesis+ and Announces Fall Tour with Midwxst

Rising star in the alt-R&B scene, Casper Sage, has unveiled his latest EP titled Synthesis+, bringing a glimmer of light to darker times. Comprising six original tracks, all penned by Sage himself, the EP features a trio of pre-released songs: “is this real life?“, “FML,” and “Flow State.

One of the fresh additions to the project is the track “U4EA,” showcasing production elements reminiscent of Michael Jackson‘s “The Way You Make Me Feel.” The song touches on the theme of finding bliss after moments of distress. Accompanied by a vibrant video, the visuals capture Sage grooving in a lush green park.

Describing the EP, Sage explains, “Synthesis+ is a collection of ‘feel good’ music, but not every message is exclusively that. I consider it music to amplify when you feel good and lighter whenever you’re not.

He continues, “I would say this EP is the rainbow after the storm; the first day of spring after the winter. Something to remind you of that feeling you were convinced you forgot.”

Synthesis+ serves as the follow-up to Sage’s April release, the Pseudo EP, which also featured the track “FML.”

Sage referred to Pseudo as a snapshot of a moment filled with purposeful loneliness, chaotic emotional turmoil, and attempts to cover it all up with vices. The EP mirrors the experience of wanting company during moments of loneliness but feeling like solitude might be a better option.

Starting from October 19, Sage will embark on The E3 Tour with fellow artist Midwxst, beginning in Toronto, Ontario. The tour will span various major North American cities including Washington, D.C., Chicago, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, and Los Angeles. The tour’s finale is scheduled for November 26 in Nashville, Tennessee, where Sage is currently based.

Casper Sage boasts an impressive discography, including his self-titled album released in 2022 and Winter in 2019, which leans more towards hip-hop. Additionally, he has produced standalone tracks such as “Rodeo Clown,” a cover of Dijon’s 2021 hit, amassing nearly 470,000 Spotify streams at the time of publication.

Stream Casper Sage’s Synthesis+ EP below.