Casper Sage Releases New Track “Spinnin’”

On his track, “Spinnin’,” which he composed and produced, up-and-coming musician Casey Sage goes in circles. Sage emits a calming sound over a quick and nimble production as his head is filled with apprehension and conflicting feelings. Sage’s most recent single, “Spinnin’,” follows his December release, “Is This Real Life?” which heralded the beginning of a new era.

“With ‘Spinnin” I was trying to express the frustrations of trying to make the same changes within my life, but somehow ending up right where I started from. Ultimately, always ending up in my own way,” Sage mentioned.

Sage also mentioned the latter track is his “take on young love.” He added, “It’s playful, weird, warm, and unexpected. I tried to make the song feel like a dream you never wanna wake up from.”

Earlier than “Is This Real Life?” In November, Sage released a rendition of Dijon’s song “Rodeo Clown.” Sage released a self-titled album in May 2022, which he also self-published. The two emphasis songs, “Summer’s Gone” and “Fallen,” both of which had official music videos, were among the album’s seven songs.

Another song, “Rearrange,” received a video treatment. Sage self-produced the song, which has received close to 342,000 Spotify plays. Below, you can hear Casper Sage’s brand-new song, “Spinnin’.”