“Maeta Unveils Upcoming Single, ‘When I Hear Your Name'”


Talented R&B songstress Maeta has excitedly announced the impending release of her new single, “When I Hear Your Name.” This announcement heralds the newest musical offering from the artist since her last EP, “Habits,” and the single, “Bitch Don’t Be Mad,” both released in 2022. Fans are eagerly anticipating this fresh drop, given Maeta’s proven knack for soulful melodies and poignant lyrics.

Scheduled for release on May 31, 2023, “When I Hear Your Name” promises to captivate listeners with Maeta’s powerful vocal ability. The single is produced by the renowned Mustard, who is known for his collaborations with several notable R&B and hip hop artists.

In addition to the announcement, Maeta shared a teaser for the single on her social media platforms. The snippet showcases a segment of the track and gives a sneak peek of the accompanying music video, stirring up further anticipation among her fanbase.

The young singer, signed to Roc Nation, has been steadily rising in the R&B scene, offering a fresh take on the genre with her distinctive voice and emotive storytelling. With this new single, Maeta hopes to continue her upward trajectory and further establish her mark in the music industry.