K. Michelle and Gloss Up Release New Track ‘Wherever The D May Land’

As promised, K. Michelle has released her new song, “Wherever The D May Land,” featuring emerging Memphis rapper Gloss Up. Peter Eddins and Kenneth Paryo produced the catchy collaboration.

“Wherever The D May Land” is a perfect sex-positive singalong for listeners to treat men like an option on a spin wheel. If he or his joystick doesn’t work out, then spin again for a new one.

Throughout, K. Michelle is shameless about her use for a man. Gloss Up hypes up her unashamed claims, reminding her dude that he’s just filling in until she moves on to the next one.

K. Michelle paired her Gloss Up collabo with an official video. In it, she gives new meaning to a cowgirl, as she sports sexy choreography in barn scenery.

K. Michelle first announced “Wherever The D May Land” in a social media post in January. It was teased in a performance-style visual of the song.

“Wherever The Day May Land” is the follow-up to K. Michelle’s most recent single, “You,” released in March. She released a video for the latter track the same day as its studio version hit streaming platforms.

Both tracks will appear on K. Michelle’s long-awaited final R&B album, I’m The Problem. The record will also include her first No. 1 single, “Scooch,” which topped R&B radio and Billboard.

Speaking of I’m The Problem, K. Michelle went to Instagram to explain why it has yet to be released.

“I know y’all have been on my head about my last R&B album. I think I’ve taken so long out of fear and my mental space,” K. Michelle wrote. “I’ve been sooo blessed in the space in music. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and it’s sometimes has left me feeling undeserving of change and true happiness. I am who I am. I look how [I] look, I sound like I sound, and feel how I feel. It’s been difficult for even me to try and define my space in this world and right now musically.” I’m The Problem has been in the works for some time. The album was promised to be released last year; however, she continued to work on new songs for the record amid squeezing in studio sessions for her debut country album as Puddin.

“I’ve been healing through this album,” K. Michelle told Rated R&B of I’m The Problem. “I have dealt with my relationship through this album. I have dealt with my relationship with my son through this album. I have dealt with where I want to go in my future through this album. I’m at a crossroads in my life right now.”

K. Michelle has rebranded herself as Puddin for her highly-anticipated untitled country album. The LP will feature production and writing contributions from Dolly Parton, Billy Ray Cyrus, Morgan Wallen, ERNEST, and more.

Recently, Puddin collaborated with melodic country rapper Justin Champagne for the new song “Country Love Song.” It has an official video that will melt hearts. Listen and watch the video for K. Michelle’s new song “Wherever The D May Land” featuring Gloss Up below.