Jae Stephens Proclaims ‘Girls Don’t Cheat’ in Her Latest Track

Jae Stephens

Jae Stephens makes a bold statement with her new single “Girls Don’t Cheat”, released on Issa Rae’s Raedio/Def Jam label. Featuring a Timbaland-inspired production by Sensei Bueno, the track explores the nuances of women’s motivations in relationships. Stephens captures this sentiment in the hook, singing, “Girls don’t cheat, we just need attention / Eyes on me, they see what you’re missin’ / I might sneak, but with good intentions / I got needs and you wasn’t givin’.”

Stephens explains, “‘Girls Don’t Cheat’ started with the title long before I ever wrote the song. The concept came to me during some real powder room chat with my friends about the differences in women’s motivations for cheating versus men’s. I thought the conversation was interesting and even a bit toxic, but that’s what makes for a great song.” This inspiration from candid conversations is evident in the track’s lyrics and vibe.

Stephens co-wrote “Girls Don’t Cheat” with fellow R&B singer Chxrry22, who is signed to The Weeknd’s XO Records. Their collaboration brought a unique dynamic to the song, blending their strengths in creating unapologetic music. “When [Sensei] Bueno played the beat, it reminded me of the braggadocious tomboys of the ’90s and 2000s like TLC, and I thought it’d go perfectly with this concept and title,” Stephens noted. Chxrry22’s ability to write confidently and authentically made her an ideal co-writer.

The creation process of “Girls Don’t Cheat” was a collaborative effort with friends Lita and Trey, who helped capture the energy and core of Stephens’ initial idea. The influence of ’90s and early 2000s music is evident in the track, both sonically and visually. Stephens shared, “I wanted to keep up the energy I started with my last single, ‘WET,’ and I knew a dance video would help tell the story of ‘Girls Don’t Cheat’ in a different way.” This is reflected in the music video, which leans into early 2000s aesthetics.

Stephens also expressed her admiration for the 2003 movie Honey, starring Jessica Alba, citing it as a visual influence for the music video. “I learned a lot from early 2000s visuals, just like the song does sonically. I think any fans of the 2003 movie Honey will appreciate the homage; Jessica Alba was one of my first favorite dancers growing up.” By drawing on these influences, Stephens created a music video that complements the song’s nostalgic yet modern vibe.

With “Girls Don’t Cheat,” Jae Stephens continues to explore complex themes in her music. The track stands out for its catchy beat and relatable lyrics, offering a fresh take on relationship dynamics from a female perspective. Stream Jae Stephens’ new song “Girls Don’t Cheat” below to experience her latest release.