Elijah Blake Seeks Solace in New Single ‘Company’ from His Upcoming Album

Elijah Blake

Elijah Blake is back on the scene with his latest track “Company,” a highlight from his forthcoming album named after himself, elijah. The song, crafted by producer Cmillz, expresses Blake‘s desire for closeness and companionship. In the lyrics, he conveys a deep yearning: “You know what I need / You know that I can’t breathe / I want you to stay here with me / And have some company, baby.”

This new single joins tracks like “Sugarwater & Lime” and “Ghostbuster” on the album, set for release on August 2 via MNRK Records. Blake shares that with “Ghostbuster,” he aimed to take listeners on a rich auditory and visual trip, combining his musical heritage with a fresh twist. He expresses his excitement to present this creative endeavor to his audience.

Discussing “Sugarwater & Lime,” Blake revealed to Rated R&B that the song is inspired by the struggles of expressing feelings in a relationship. He likens it to an analogy of attempting to extract lemon juice from a lime: it’s nearly right, but never perfect, much like recalling past heartbreaks. This song encapsulates the challenge of not having the right components to fully satisfy each other in a relationship.