Usher’s Emotional Reflection at BET Awards 2024


Usher was awarded a prestigious honor at the BET Awards, delivering a heartfelt speech that resonated with themes of family and forgiveness. The emotional moment unfolded at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles, where Usher graciously accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award amid a career spanning over three decades.

Expressing gratitude without a prepared script, Usher acknowledged the challenges of his journey. “Getting here has been a tough road, but it’s been worth it,” he shared candidly. Reflecting on his upbringing and absent father figure, he spoke of the importance of forgiveness in understanding the complexities faced by Black men in America.

“My father’s choices, including his decision to stay away, shaped me,” Usher revealed, highlighting a personal transformation rooted in forgiveness and resilience. He emphasized the significance of fathers stepping up for their children in what he dubbed the “year of the father.”

Despite technical glitches with his microphone, Usher’s speech captivated the audience, punctuated by a tribute performance from Childish Gambino. The BET Awards 2024 marked a memorable night for Usher and the music community.