Kehlani‘s much-awaited fourth studio album, CRASH, has finally dropped, bringing fans a fresh wave of music just in time for summer. This 13-track album is packed with collaborations from artists like Jill Scott, Young Miko, and Omah Lay, offering a mix of dance anthems and soulful R&B that showcases Kehlani’s dynamic range.

“A crash represents the peak of the moment,” Kehlani shared in a recent statement. “It’s not about the anxiety before or the regret after. It’s about being completely in the present. This album is me at my freest, most fun, most vibrant, and most energized so far.” These words capture the essence of CRASH, an album that invites listeners to live in the now and enjoy the energy and emotion of each track.

The album was announced after the release of its lead single, “After Hours,” in April. This track, which samples Cordel Burrell’s “Coolie Dance Riddim,” quickly became a fan favorite, setting high expectations for the rest of the album. Following this, Kehlani dropped “Next 2 U,” a catchy, upbeat track that further fueled anticipation for CRASH. Each song on the album contributes to its energetic and engaging atmosphere, including standout tracks like “GrooveTheory,” “What I Want,” “8,” “Better Not,” “Vegas,” and the title track “Crash.”

Kehlani has not yet provided official details about the tour that will support this album. However, the artist confirmed during an Instagram livestream earlier this month that a series of shows is being planned for the fall. Fans can look forward to experiencing the vibrant and powerful performances that Kehlani is known for.

CRASH is more than just an album; it’s a celebration of living in the moment and embracing the highs of life. With its mix of danceable beats and soulful melodies, this album is set to be a soundtrack for many memorable moments this summer.