BJ the Chicago Kid’s ‘The Gravy Tour’ Envelops New York City in Soul

BJ the Chicago Kid's

In the fiercely competitive music scene dominated by hip-hop, pop, and country, soul music often takes a backseat. But that hasn’t slowed BJ The Chicago Kid, whose dedication to the genre shines through in his latest album, Gravy, and its accompanying tour, The Gravy Tour. His recent New York City stop at the Blue Note showcased his commitment to intimate venues, offering a personal touch that truly connects with his audience.

BJ’s solo performance, supported by just three musicians, captivated the crowd from the first note. The cozy Blue Note was the perfect setting for his rich, soulful sound, proving that you don’t need a large venue to make a significant impact. His show was a blend of gratitude and pure talent, reaching out to both his long-time followers and casual listeners.

Despite a mixed crowd, BJ turned the evening into a celebration of soul music, bridging gaps between generations and backgrounds. His ability to engage and unify such a diverse audience highlights his role as a contemporary soul ambassador.

To keep up with BJ The Chicago Kid and his journey, follow him on social media and listen to his latest tracks on streaming platforms. His work continues to honor the soulful legacy while inviting everyone into the fold, one heartfelt performance at a time.

Setlist Highlights:

  • “Nobody Knows”
  • “Long Time”
  • “Liquor Store In The Sky”
  • “Never Change” featuring Philip Bailey
  • Covers from Bob Marley, The Isley Brothers, and others
  • “Close” by Ella Mai
  • “Church” and more to wrap up the night