Josh Levi Releases New Track ‘Something More’

Josh Levi

Josh Levi Drops New Single ‘Something More’

Rising star Josh Levi has made a triumphant return with his latest single, “Something More”, released through Raedio/Atlantic Records. The track, produced by Louie Lastic, who has worked with artists like Kehlani, Masego, and Destin Conrad, showcases Levi’s longing for a deep connection with a romantic interest.

In the heartfelt chorus, Levi sings: “Sometimes I don’t wanna think / Sometimes I don’t wanna talk / Sometimes I just wanna stay inside / I don’t need nothing more / Sometimes I just want a drink / Feels right, but I know it’s wrong / Sometimes I just wanna see my baby pull up at my door.” These lyrics capture a yearning for intimacy and comfort, reflecting Levi’s emotional depth and vocal prowess.

Levi shared his excitement about the song on Instagram, writing, “This is one of my favorite songs and now it’s yours. Put my heart into this one, hope u hear it and feel what I’m feeling.” His personal investment in the track is evident, as he invites listeners to connect with his emotions through his music.

Something More” marks Levi’s first release of original music in over a year. His last project, Disc Two (Scratched Up), an extended version of his second EP, came out in May 2023. This project included the original eight tracks from Disc Two along with four new additions, featuring the popular “Birthday Dance” and a remix of “Don’t They” with Normani.

In a June 2023 interview with Rated R&B, Levi discussed his ongoing efforts to create his debut album. He shared, “I’m working on my album. Someone told me you spend your whole life making your first album. I’m always thinking about that. I’m very intentional and detail-oriented about things. Building and putting together the first Josh Levi album is something that I’m thinking about and working on daily.”

Levi’s dedication to his craft and his meticulous approach to creating music suggest that his debut album will be a significant milestone in his career. With “Something More,” Levi continues to solidify his place in the music industry, demonstrating his ability to produce emotionally resonant and engaging tracks.

Fans and new listeners alike can stream Josh Levi’s new song “Something More” on various music platforms. This latest release is a promising glimpse into what’s to come from this talented artist.