LA Laura Paris: the talented singer that’s about to be everywhere

LA Laura Paris

Rising star LA Laura Paris has captivated the music scene once again with her latest single “GAME OVER,” a track that skillfully blends 8-bit video game sounds with a message of reclaiming self-respect.

Fresh off this exciting release, we had the pleasure of sitting down with LA Laura Paris to dive deep into her journey and artistic vision. In our conversation, she opened up about her early influences, the transformative experience of learning to DJ, and how her move to Hollywood has shaped her career. Laura also shared insights into her forthcoming album “Underground Girl” and discussed how her multifaceted talents in music, dance, visual arts, and fashion intertwine to create her unique artistic persona.

Pinch Of Sol: Can you share some of your earliest memories of making music and how they influenced your decision to pursue a career in music?

LA Laura Paris: When I was 5 years old, I started studying the violin and then the piano. I was actually creating a bunch of short melodies on the piano. At that time, I knew music was more than a passion; it was part of my life and who I am.

Pinch Of Sol: Learning the art of DJing must have been an exciting experience. How has DJing influenced your approach to creating and performing music?

LA Laura Paris: I started learning how to DJ at FG radio in Paris, and it helped me understand more about the structures of electronic and house music. It also helped me incorporate my pop production into a more evolutive electronic set. I used to create hours of mashups, and it’s so fun to find which tracks can fuse together with your own songs.

Pinch Of Sol: Moving to Hollywood and releasing “Kissing Boys” was a significant step in your career. How has living in Hollywood influenced your music and artistic vision?

LA Laura Paris: Musically, being in Hollywood immersed me in the live music scene and allowed me to collaborate with talented musicians. It also gave me a sharper vision of who I am. Transitioning from Paris, my fashion style evolved, adding more eccentricity and glitter. I built a solid team with dancers and refined my show. Seeing the Hollywood performances and mindset were the missing pieces of my puzzle.

Pinch Of Sol: As a visual artist and fashion influencer, how do you integrate your passion for art and fashion into your music career?

LA Laura Paris: Fashion is vital for my music. For every song, I incorporate different fashion designs I create. It helps give an identity to my songs. From gummy bear accessories to CD bras, I love creating new identities.

Pinch Of Sol: Who are some of your biggest musical and artistic influences, and how have they shaped your work?

LA Laura Paris: When I was 5 years old, before going to school, I used to wake up at 6 am to watch Daft Punk, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, and Martin Solveig‘s music videos on MTV. I have a lot of respect for Lady Gaga, who conveys a strong message of believing in yourself. I’ve also loved Pharrell Williams and Martin Solveig’s music production; I love how it’s so catchy and at the same time clean. All those artists, from The Beatles to Daft Punk, have influenced my music.

Pinch Of Sol: Can you share any upcoming projects or new music that you’re working on? What can fans look forward to next from LA Laura Paris?

LA Laura Paris: YES! After this summer, I’ll be releasing my first album, “Underground Girl”! I can’t wait to share this with the disco ball world we live in. This album includes some pop-electro songs I’ve been working on for a long time.

Pinch Of Sol: You have a diverse background in music, dance, visual arts, and fashion. How do you balance these different art forms, and do you find that they complement each other in your creative process?

LA Laura Paris: Of course! Without one of those elements, I wouldn’t be who I am. From adding American Sign Language to voguing with glitter and sparkle on the beats, they all complement each other.

Pinch Of Sol: You’ve collaborated with French Touch producers and pop-rock musicians. How do you decide which direction to take a song, genre-wise?

LA Laura Paris: From the start of the song, if I can imagine a drum and electric guitar on top of my vocals, I’ll know it’s going to be a more rock song. But if I imagine a hook grooving on a Moog analog bass, I’ll know it’s an electro track.

Pinch Of Sol: How does “GAME OVER” represent your evolution as an artist? In what ways do you feel you’ve grown since your earlier releases?

LA Laura Paris: “GAME OVER” was an interesting experience for me. I used a lot of 8-bit video game sounds and found it fascinating how they could express emotions. This song also helped me learn faster ways to produce music.

Pinch Of Sol: “GAME OVER” addresses the idea of ending toxic cycles and reclaiming self-respect. What inspired you to write this song?

LA Laura Paris: “GAME OVER” is about a player I encountered in LA. Since then, I feel like I’ve made much better choices in my personal life. I’m really happy I learned from my errors, and I wish everyone the same, to be able to say GAME OVER!