An Exclusive Interview with HYUNJUN on “Backseat” and Solo Career

An Exclusive Interview with HYUNJUN on "Backseat" and Solo Career
Photo Credit: Blossom Entertainment

Welcome to an exclusive dive into the captivating world of HYUNJUN, the dynamic South Korean artist making waves with his hot new release, “Backseat.” Known for his time with the sensational K-pop group The Boyz, HYUNJUN is now taking the music scene by storm with a fresh, electrifying solo sound. In this interview, we explore the inspirations behind “Backseat,” the creative process of its visually stunning music video, and the valuable lessons HYUNJUN has learned on his remarkable journey from band member to solo artist. Join us as we uncover the layers of HYUNJUN’s evolution and his vision for the future.

Congratulations on the release of “Backseat”! It marks a new chapter in your solo career. How does it showcase your growth and versatility as an artist?
Before signing with my current label, I was doing it all as an indie artist—from fundraising to planning out my look and directing. This DIY phase taught me so much about standing on my own two feet in music.

I’m pretty new to the solo scene, and it might be early to say I’ve made big leaps with just my track “Backseat.” But diving into a brand-new genre was a game changer for me. My first goal was to make tunes that felt friendly and easy to get, rather than trying to stand out with a unique vibe. Previously, I usually went for bold and flashy concepts when I was a part of the band, but this time I aimed for something more chill and relatable, kind of like the friendly neighbor vibe.

Going forward, I want to keep evolving, trying out new ideas and styles as a solo artist, kind of like a chameleon changing colors in the music world.

“Backseat” taps into themes of love and longing. Can you delve into the personal experiences or inspirations that influenced the creation of this song?

“Backseat” might come off as a little intense or even provocative, but to me, it’s also a tune about pure love. I crafted it to resonate not just with lovers, but with anyone who listens. While it’s a nod to pure romance, it’s got its bold and sexy moments too. The song mixes the look of passionate love with the feel of something sincere, showing all the shades of love.

I always aim to show different sides of myself—sometimes it’s all about that sexy vibe, and other times it’s about keeping things sweet and simple. This song is a good mix of both. I drew on my own emotional rollercoaster to bring out those intense yet tender moments.

An Exclusive Interview with HYUNJUN on "Backseat" and Solo Career
Photo Credit: Blossom Entertainment

K-pop has gained immense popularity worldwide in recent years. What do you believe are the key factors contributing to its global appeal?

K-pop’s power is like magic to me. It’s incredible that tunes in Korean can get the whole world excited. Being an active part of this, it feels kind of surreal. I think our deep passion and the truth in our music are what have captured hearts globally. I’m excited to be a part of this and hope to help boost K-pop even further.

The music video for “Backseat” features vivid imagery and storytelling. Could you elaborate on the creative process behind translating the song’s narrative into visual form?

The “Backseat” music video is all about showing the different sides of love in a really cinematic style. We really dove into crafting a love story that’s both fiery and pure, and we told it through some cool, polished visuals.

“Backseat” is basically set in a car’s back seat, capturing more than just the hot, passionate side of love. It also digs into the real, honest emotions that make up pure love. While we went for a bold and sexy look, we also wanted to bring out those butterflies-in-your-stomach, blush-on-your-cheeks feelings with our acting, blending both vibes together.

We also threw in some classic American high school movie elements, like old-school diners and vintage cars, which really set the mood. Everything clicked so well with the music, making shooting this video a blast.

Your journey from being part of “The Boyz” to pursuing a solo career is quite remarkable. What lessons have you learned along the way, and how have they influenced your approach to music?

When I was in the group, my focus was all about nailing my part and syncing up with the team. Now, going solo, it’s more about showing the real me and having the freedom to do it my way. Group life was about setting a solid foundation, while solo work is about using what I’ve learned to improve and grow. Both paths are different but super important to me, and I’m excited to use those experiences to aim for bigger things.

What message does “Backseat” aim to convey to its listeners?

This song is all about uncovering the layers of love—the parts you see and the parts you don’t. I kept it light and easy to listen to, hoping it would be something that listeners find welcoming and relatable. I hope it resonates with people everywhere and becomes a tune everyone can relate to and enjoy.

An Exclusive Interview with HYUNJUN on "Backseat" and Solo Career
Photo Credit: Blossom Entertainment

Looking ahead, what can fans expect from you in terms of future releases and projects? Are there any new directions or genres you’re eager to explore?

I look up to stars like Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in “A Star Is Born” because they show how you can express yourself in so many ways as an artist, not just through performances. Nothing’s set in stone yet, but I’m hoping to perform for my fans overseas and dream of becoming a global artist who wins at music awards!

As HYUNJUN continues to push boundaries and defy expectations, “Backseat” is just the beginning of an extraordinary solo journey. Stay tuned for more exciting projects and new genres that HYUNJUN is eager to explore, as he connects with fans worldwide and redefines what it means to be a solo artist in the vibrant world of pop.