Rising Soulstress Angie Petty Offers Up Self-Empowering Anthem “Many Onlys”

Angie Petty Offers Up Self-Empowering Anthem "Many Onlys"

Salt Lake City-based singer-songwriter Angie Petty unveils her latest single, “Many Onlys,” a soulful ballad that redefines the concept of “one true love.”

Bathed in vintage R&B vibes, the song delivers a powerful message of resilience and self-discovery after the sting of heartbreak. It’s a soundtrack for picking yourself up after the initial shock subsides, reminding listeners that there’s a universe of love and possibilities beyond a single, fleeting relationship.

Petty’s musical journey was practically preordained, growing up in a family steeped in music. Her sound, a captivating blend of R&B, pop, and jazz influences, draws inspiration from the likes of Amy Winehouse, India Arie, and Moonchild.

With past performances alongside Grammy Award-winning artists like Jon Batiste and a debut album, Timing, under her belt, Petty has already garnered recognition for her heartfelt songwriting. Her music, marked by raw vulnerability and relatable lyrics, aims to connect with listeners on a deeply personal level, reminding them that they’re never truly alone.

With a new album and live shows on the horizon in 2024, Angie Petty is a rising star whose soulful melodies and empowering message promise to leave a lasting impression.