Introspective Journey: Jean Deaux Unveils New EP nowhere, fast

Introspective Journey: Jean Deaux Unveils New EP nowhere, fast

Genre-bending artist Jean Deaux is back with a brand new EP, nowhere, fast, available now via Guin Records. This introspective eight-track project follows up her 2023 EP, Heavy, and features previously released singles “Dreamin” and “Roll With Me.”

nowhere, fast explores the hazy blur of emerging adulthood. Deaux reflects, “This EP captures that feeling of reaching your late twenties and realizing everything seems like a blur – from childhood to young adulthood, to now just figuring out who you truly are. It’s like time has fast-forwarded, yet nothing feels fundamentally different. Everything just blends together.”

The penultimate track, “Thinkin,” features guest vocals from Destin Conrad. Produced by LIDO, the song celebrates cherishing the present with a loved one.

“I’ve always felt a bit lost, like Waldo hiding in plain sight on the busiest planet,” Deaux reveals. “There’s this constant pressure to find my rhythm, my pace, and this fear of missing out if I don’t catch up in time. nowhere, fast explores this journey of healing and self-discovery. It’s about embracing the present moment as I navigate towards the next chapter of my life.”

To celebrate the release of nowhere, fast, Deaux will embark on a five-city North American tour this summer. Kicking off on June 17th in Atlanta, the tour will wind its way through Washington D.C., Brooklyn, and Chicago before concluding in West Hollywood on June 18th. Tickets are available now at

Dive into Jean Deaux’s introspective journey with nowhere, fast, streaming now on all platforms.