Andra Day Unveils Release Date for ‘Cassandra (Cherith)’ Album

Andra Day

Andra Day is set to grace the music scene this spring with her latest album, Cassandra (Cherith), slated for release on May 10 via Warner Records. The Grammy-winning artist reveals that the LP will comprise 16 tracks, including the previously unveiled gems “Where Do We Go” and “Probably,” along with her latest offering, “Chasing.”

“Chasing” spins a tale of serendipitous romance, with Day’s ethereal vocals gracefully riding atop delicate guitar melodies. The song gradually unfolds, revealing a tapestry of sound that includes a gentle bass line, subtle piano notes, and the whisper of maracas.

Reflecting on the essence of the track, Day muses, “While I’ve always found solace in solitude, your presence has illuminated my world, infusing my thoughts with prose and poetry. Engaging with you feels like a lyrical dance, evoking emotions I never knew existed.”

Prior to “Chasing,” Day treated fans to “Probably” in February, leading up to her memorable performance of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” at the Super Bowl.

Delving into the thematic depth of her music, Day shares, “I was inspired by the notion that every story has multiple perspectives: yours, mine, and the unvarnished truth residing somewhere in between. It pains me to witness women being dismissed as ‘irrational,’ particularly by their partners or on social media.”

The journey of Cassandra (Cherith) began in January with the soul-stirring release of “Where Do We Go.”

Named after Day’s birth name, Cassandra Batie, the album follows her acclaimed work on the Grammy-winning soundtrack for 2021’s The United States vs. Billie Holiday (Music from the Motion Picture), which featured the original track “Tigress & Tweed,” co-written and produced by Day alongside Raphael Saadiq. Her portrayal of Billie Holiday in the film earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

In addition to her musical endeavors, Day is scheduled to headline the Blue Note Jazz Festival in New York City on June 1.

Tracklist for Andra Day’s Cassandra (Cherith):

  1. Maybe Next Time
  2. Probably
  3. Narcos (H.C.D)
  4. Midnight
  5. Bottom Of The Bottle
  6. In The Meantime
  7. More
  8. Heavy On My Mind
  9. Where Do We Go
  10. Chasing
  11. Nervous
  12. Champagne Flutes
  13. About It
  14. Empty
  15. Still
  16. Thank You God (Mom Reading Psalm 62)

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