Montreal’s Chikoruss Drops Smooth Anthem for the Undecided: “USC”


Fresh R&B talent Chikoruss returns with a new single, “USC,” out now via 300 Entertainment. This sultry track explores the complexities of a budding flirtation, particularly when the object of your affection isn’t entirely single.

On “USC” (meaning “Undecided Situationship Complexities” according to some fans), Chikoruss lays down his smooth vocals, navigating the grey area between casual hookup and something more. The lyrics paint a picture of stolen moments and unspoken desires: “Don’t treat me like your boyfriend ’cause I ain’t him / We can put a plan in motion / Keep it goin’ or take it to my place / Said you wanted the best, wasn’t that yo’ request? / With no attachments needed,” he sings.

Speaking about the track’s creation, Chikoruss explains the collaborative spark with producer Malik95: “‘USC’ came together after I collabed with my boy Malik95 who produced the track. He played me the beat and then we caught a vibe in the studio.”

Staying true to his artistic vision, Chikoruss emphasizes his commitment to crafting danceable R&B: “I really wanted to continue with the same energy and vibes that my audience knows and loves. The goal is still the same: we’re bringing back R&B you can dance to!”

“USC” follows the January release of his single “In 2 Deep.” Since then, Chikoruss has kept the momentum going with a sped-up version of “In 2 Deep” and a guest feature on labelmate R3 DA Chilliman’s “Outside (Oouu Wahh).”

2023 saw Chikoruss burst onto the scene with his debut single, “Body Language,” and a collaboration with established artist Breez Kennedy on his track “No Luv.”

With “USC,” Chikoruss offers a relatable anthem for anyone who’s ever navigated the murky waters of an undefined connection. Stream it now and keep an eye out for this rising R&B star.