Queen Bey Ups the Ante with “Texas Hold ‘Em (Pony Up) Remix”

Texas Hold 'Em (Pony Up) Remix Beyoncé

Beyoncé surprised fans with the unexpected release of “Texas Hold ‘Em (Pony Up) Remix,” a reimagined version of her chart-topping country hit.

The remix opens with the familiar twang of the original single before veering into a pulsating New Orleans bounce groove. A new verse and additional vocals add fresh energy to the track, showcasing Beyoncé’s versatility and ability to seamlessly blend genres.

This surprise release comes just days after the critical acclaim surrounding Beyoncé’s eighth studio album, Cowboy Carter. In a recent interview, Beyoncé discussed the album’s origins: “Cowboy Carter took time. It was a blessing to have the space and freedom to explore this project without limitations. Initially, I planned to release Cowboy Carter first, but the pandemic shifted the landscape. We craved joy, the need to dance was undeniable. Ultimately, I had to trust the timing.”

Leading up to Cowboy Carter’s release, Beyoncé offered a glimpse into the album’s inspiration via social media. “The seed for this project was planted years ago, from an experience where I felt unwelcome,” she wrote. “That feeling ignited a deeper exploration of country music’s history, a rich tapestry I delved into with great respect.”

“The power of music to unite transcends borders,” she continued. “It amplifies the voices of those who have dedicated their lives to preserving this legacy. This isn’t a conventional country album. This is a Beyoncé album. Act II of Cowboy Carter, and I’m thrilled to share it with the world!”

As mentioned, Cowboy Carter serves as the second act of Beyoncé’s planned trilogy project, following the critically acclaimed Renaissance released in 2022.

“Texas Hold ‘Em” remains a powerhouse on the charts, peaking at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and currently sitting at No. 11. Furthermore, the song dominated the Hot Country Songs chart, solidifying Beyoncé as the first Black woman to achieve this feat. (She also holds the distinction of being the first Black woman to top the Hot 100 with a country song.)

Debuting alongside a Verizon Super Bowl commercial featuring Beyoncé, “Texas Hold ‘Em” arrived in February alongside its B-side, “16 Carriages.” Beyoncé co-produced and co-wrote the track alongside a team including Raphael Saadiq, Nate Ferraro, Killah B, Hit-Boy, Stuart White, Mariel Gomerez, Brian Bates, Elizabeth Lowell Boland, and Megan Bülow.

Adding to the intrigue, a cryptic website, beencountry.com, quietly launched Wednesday night. While details remain scarce, the homepage features a collage of visuals paying homage to Beyoncé’s country roots.

Stream the genre-bending “Texas Hold ‘Em (Pony Up) Remix” by Beyoncé below.