Tamar Braxton Back With “Notice Me”: A Song for the Undervalued

tamar braxton

Grammy-nominated artist Tamar Braxton surprised fans with a surprise drop of her new single “Notice Me” on March 15th, just ahead of her birthday.

The track, a soulful ballad co-written by Braxton herself alongside Nyerere Davidson, Amber Smith, and Donald Sales, has already landed in the Top 10 of the iTunes R&B/Soul charts.

“Notice Me” explores themes of love, vulnerability, and the yearning for recognition. The chorus finds Braxton crooning, “One day you’ll notice me / One day / One day you’ll notice me / One day / A girl that loves you / Do anything for you / One day you’ll notice me.”

The lyrics hint at a one-sided dynamic, with Braxton showering affection on a partner who fails to reciprocate. She delivers a powerful message of self-worth, declaring, “This can’t wait, you gone learn today,” before suggesting there’s no turning back if her partner takes her for granted.

The song resonates with those in unbalanced relationships, where their efforts go unseen. The stripped-down production featuring piano and drums allows Braxton’s soaring vocals to take center stage, conveying the emotional weight of the lyrics.

Tamar Braxton also released an accompanying music video on her YouTube channel. Shot in a bedroom setting, the video finds Braxton glammed up but undeniably alone, mirroring the themes of longing and isolation in the song.

“Notice Me” marks Braxton’s first release since her 2023 Billboard chart-topping hit “Changed.”