Best Artists to Watch Out for in March 2024

Best Artists to Watch Out for in March 2024

March ignites with a musical spark! This month promises an electrifying fusion of established icons and rising stars across every genre imaginable. Prepare to be swept away by the timeless grace of classical compositions, the pulsating energy of hip-hop beats, and everything in between, there’s a sound waiting to captivate every music lover. So buckle up and join us as we explore the must-see artists redefining the landscape in 2024.


Waxahatchee, the moniker of singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield, continues to tease her upcoming album Tigers Blood with a new single titled “365.” Accompanied by a captivating one-shot music video directed by Corbett Jones and Nick Simonite, the song delves into themes of codependency within addiction and relationships, offering a raw and introspective glimpse into Crutchfield’s personal journey. With Tigers Blood set for release on March 22 via Anti-, Waxahatchee’s musical evolution promises to captivate audiences once again, solidifying her position as a leading figure in contemporary rock and folk music.


Chxrry22, a rising R&B star, has recently dropped her new EP titled Siren, which is receiving acclaim for its quality pop-soul tunes. The standout track, “Favorite Girl,” featuring Offset, is described as a flowing, bass-driven song about yearning to be someone’s favorite person. Chxrry22’s confident vocals blend seamlessly with Offset’s bars, creating an upbeat yet chill vibe. The EP showcases Chxrry22’s dominant energy and her willingness to use her beauty to her advantage while also seeking to be known for more than just her looks. With Siren out now, Chxrry22 continues to make waves in the music scene, solidifying her status as a favorite in contemporary R&B.

Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend has released the third preview of their upcoming album Only God Was Above Us with the new song titled “Classical.” The song, written by Ezra Koenig and co-produced with Ariel Rechtshaid, comes with a new music video directed by Nick Harwood. “Classical” follows the previously released tracks “Capricorn” and “Gen-X Cops.” The album is set to be released on April 5. Fans can also check out the band’s Vampire Campfire podcast where Koenig discusses some of the influences behind the new LP.

Rizzy Rackz

Rizzy Rackz, hailing from Richmond, Virginia, is carving a unique path in hip-hop, drawing from his experiences growing up in neighborhoods marked by adversity. His music reflects a journey of resilience, sparked by a transformative moment when his daughter narrowly escaped a shooting incident. This event catalyzed Rizzy’s commitment to creating meaningful art, evident in his recent album Risky Business. Tracks like “Loving Me Baby” showcase his ability to blend soulful melodies with introspective lyrics, capturing authentic emotions. Rizzy’s authenticity and genuine storytelling set him apart in an industry often characterized by superficiality, urging listeners to find their own voices and pursue their passions relentlessly.

“This a hood Love Story. True emotions presented appealingly, I’m putting some Love in the streets!”

Rizzy Rackz

Awadagin Pratt

Pianist Awadagin Pratt‘s long-awaited album STILLPOINT marks a significant return after 12 years, featuring a collection of meticulously crafted pieces inspired by T.S. Eliot’s “Burnt Norton” poem. Collaborating with six composers, Pratt delivers a masterful performance that explores themes of balance and opposing energies, accompanied by the versatile string orchestra A Far Cry and the experimental vocal group Roomful of Teeth. Tracks like Jessie Montgomery’s “Rounds” and Tyshawn Sorey’s “Untitled Composition for Piano and Eight Voices” offer dynamic and ethereal experiences, while Alvin Singleton’s “Time Past, Time Future” and Judd Greenstein’s “Still Point” delve into introspective reflections on time and existence. Through rich compositions and Pratt’s virtuosic playing, “STILLPOINT” offers a profound and captivating journey that invites listeners to ponder life’s complexities and find solace in moments of stillness amidst chaos.

Karen Salicath Jamali

Karen Salicath Jamali, a gifted multi-award-winning composer, pianist, and producer, found her musical journey unexpectedly after a life-altering accident in 2012. Despite never having played the piano before, the accident became a catalyst for her musical exploration and healing process. Her latest release, “Angel Calling,” is a testament to her profound connection with music, inspired by a dream and a sense of calling akin to birdsong. Over the years, Karen has translated melodies from her dreams into over 2500 compositions and seven albums, showcasing her remarkable talent and dedication. Beyond music, Karen’s visual artistry, exhibited in numerous global exhibitions, reflects her spiritual connection with nature and her pursuit of deeper emotional meaning. “Angel Calling” reshapes classical piano, blending subtle melodies with the essence of the natural world, inviting listeners into a space for reflection and connection. In a world inundated with releases, Karen Salicath Jamali’s music stands out as a unique and introspective dialogue between the artist, the audience, and the universe she beautifully interprets through her artistry.

“In dreams, my music comes. In dreams, I hear whispers of Angels, hidden blessings of sound in the depth of the canvas of life, painting heart full story’s brilliant bold, of love, peace, and compassion.”

Karen Salicath Jamali

Kenny Mason

Kenny Mason‘s music bridges the worlds of rap and rock, drawing inspiration from both genres while adding his own indie flair. Echoing the rebellious spirit shared by these genres over the decades, Mason’s sound combines the in-your-face attitude of rap with the shoegaze-y, fuzzed-out rock reminiscent of acts like My Bloody Valentine and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. His latest album 9 showcases his growing confidence and versatility, blending hip-hop with elements of hard rock across nine tracks. With features from BabyDrill, Veeze, and Toro y Moi, Mason explores a range of genres, from trap to indie, with tracks like “JUMPIN IN,” “EASY DUB,” and “US.” The album’s atmospheric vibe is accentuated by Toro y Moi’s contribution on “SLIP,” while Mason’s raw talent shines on the closing track “LUMINOUS.” This project marks another milestone in Mason’s career, further solidifying his position as a boundary-pushing artist in the music scene.

Grxwn Fxlks

Grxwn Fxlks, led by emcee Masai Turner and producer Akil Esoon, is gearing up to release their latest single, “Sojourn.” Rooted in authenticity and a desire to uplift Hip-Hop culture, the collective blends positivity, social consciousness, and street wisdom in their music. “Sojourn” serves as a poignant reflection on life’s impermanence, encouraging listeners to embrace change. With razor-sharp lyricism from Masai Turner and masterful production by Akil Esoon, the track delivers a compelling sonic experience. Drawing from personal experiences, Grxwn Fxlks challenges societal norms, offering a refreshing take on themes like violence and misogyny. Collaborating with Grammy Award-winners Neal H Pogue and Mike Bozzi for mixing and mastering, the collective reaffirms their commitment to excellence. Through “Sojourn,” Grxwn Fxlks invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and cultural elevation, aiming to inspire meaningful connections and hope in a changing world.

“When making this song we wanted to have an honest conversation with the culture and challenge it to aim higher. “Sojourn” is the first step of our mission to restore balance and inject authenticity.”

Grxwn Fxlks

Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves‘ sixth album, Deeper Well, presents an endlessly pretty back-to-basics record focused on personal growth and improvement. The album’s themes revolve around embracing change and shedding negativity, echoing the astrological concept of Saturn’s return. Musgraves explores concepts of energy vampires, boundaries, and self-care, drawing inspiration from astrology, therapy, and personal experiences. While the album’s wistful folk vibe feels soothing, it occasionally dilutes Musgraves’ trademark sharp songwriting and subverted cliches, leaving her sounding more solipsistic than insightful. Despite this, tracks like “Anime Eyes” retain the gorgeous weirdness reminiscent of her previous work, providing glimpses of her transformative potential. Overall, Deeper Well serves as a gentle reminder of life’s impermanence and the importance of finding comfort and care amidst change and uncertainty.


Faustix has solidified his presence on the international music scene with notable collaborations and productions, including working with Diplo on the popular track “Revolution,” which gained recognition as part of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. He also contributed a remix to the official UEFA EURO song by David Guetta and Zara Larsson in 2016. Faustix has garnered nominations and wins at prestigious Danish music awards. His own singles and remixes have collectively amassed over 400 million streams on Spotify, including hits like “Watching You” with Dutch producer Alvaro, “Crying in The Sun,” “Thorns,” and “Need You.” Notably, he headlined the largest stage at Denmark’s Smukfest festival in 2023. His latest release, “Trouble” with MAKJ, further demonstrates his versatility and ongoing impact in the music industry.