Shantel May & Lola Brooke Team Up for Sultry Single “Love It Here”

Shantel May

Toronto’s own Shantel May is back with a bang, joining forces with New York rapper Lola Brooke for her latest single, “Love It Here.” This marks May’s first release since signing with MNRK Music Group, and it’s a tantalizing blend of smooth R&B vibes and incisive rap verses.

Produced by SK and K-Major, “Love It Here” ingeniously samples The Isley Brothers‘ timeless classic “Footsteps in the Dark,” setting the stage for May’s sultry vocals to shine. In the track, she navigates the complexities of a passionate relationship, effortlessly crooning about a love interest who is utterly captivated by her presence.

“Toxic tendencies, it’s complicated / Don’t get it twisted that’s my baby / Don’t think for once, I don’t cross his mind / That’s bad bitch magic, hard to breathe without it,” May soulfully sings, exuding confidence and allure.

Later in the song, Lola Brooke steps in with her trademark wit and charisma, delivering a rap verse that adds depth and dynamism to the track. “It shouldn’t be that hard to keep them out of our business / And since you love it here so much, you should lick what’s in it,” Brooke asserts, injecting a dose of swagger into the mix.

Reflecting on the creation of “Love It Here,” May expresses her immediate connection to the Isley sample and the seamless synergy between her and Lola Brooke. “The topic was bang on for me at the time, so it was easy to connect/have fun with,” May shares. “It feels familiar but also new, which is something I think I identify with a lot as an R&B artist, who mostly listens to throwbacks. This is my first female feature & Lola’s vibe fits perfectly.”

“Love It Here” marks a triumphant return for Shantel May, following her collaboration with Rory and RAAHiiM on 2022’s “Not Me” and her solo track “Here.” Fans will also remember her standout performance on dvsn’s acclaimed album A Muse in Her Feelings, where she lent her vocals to the mesmerizing closing track, “… Again.”

With “Love It Here,” Shantel May continues to solidify her status as a rising star in the R&B scene, delivering yet another irresistible anthem that is sure to captivate audiences far and wide.