Zenesoul Drops Soulful R&B Gem “KEOTR”

Coming off the back of two electrifying Candlelight Concerts in Toronto and a headline show in Atlanta, JUNO Award-nominated R&B artist Zenesoul is back with her latest single, “KEOTR.” This release, her first of 2024, follows the success of last year’s Fantasy EP series and offers a glimpse into her upcoming EP set to drop later this year.

“KEOTR” comes with a visually striking music video shot in Lagos, Nigeria, by filmmaker Mic Daviz and video producer Tfry. The collaboration captures the essence of Zenesoul’s Nigerian roots and adds an afrocentric flair to the already emotive track.

Written and composed by Zenesoul, produced by JMS (known for his work with Cruel Santino and Lady Donli), and engineered by JUNO Award winner Nate Smith, “KEOTR” is a departure from the ordinary. The alternative R&B masterpiece combines lush afropop elements with Zenesoul’s distinctive soulful style.

The heart of “KEOTR” lies in its empowering message. Zenesoul urges listeners to persist and stay true to themselves in love and relationships, even when faced with challenges and toxicity. According to her, the track is a reminder “to guard your soul and maintain focus on who you aspire to be.”

Sharing her inspiration behind the song, Zenesoul explains, “This song is inspired by me wanting to create something uplifting despite the toxic energy that I feel is outside when it comes to the dating world. It’s a reminder to myself and others to keep being a good person and to continue to love regardless of it all. Everything may be falling apart but keep eye on the road and maintain who you are”. About the accompanying music video, she adds, “This video is probably one of my favourite videos! Everything came together beautifully! The inspiration for the video was to show a strong African woman who will not lose herself and I believe this video captured that perfectly”.

The accompanying music video portrays a strong African woman who refuses to lose herself. Zenesoul describes it as one of her favorites, highlighting how it perfectly captures the essence of the song’s empowering message.