Nellie Unveils Empowering R&B Anthem “Boss”

Manchester-based UK R&B artist Nellie Charles steps into the spotlight with her debut single, “Boss,” marking her first release of the year and serving as the lead single for her upcoming debut EP, scheduled for a summer drop.

“Boss” is more than just a track, it’s a statement of self-assurance and empowerment. Nellie weaves her personal triumphs and trials into a modern R&B tapestry. The song’s genesis was a deeply introspective process, where Nellie aimed to infuse classic R&B echoes with a contemporary twist. From melody conception to the final production stages, she meticulously sculpted “Boss” to embody empowerment, blending smooth rhythms with harmonious backing vocals.

At its core, “Boss” narrates the bold claim for space within the dynamics of love and respect. Nellie’s relatable songwriting, distinctive voice, and infectious R&B slow jams vibe drive the narrative home. The single is inspired by her personal journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of mutual recognition in a relationship. The lyrics, rich with imagery of assertiveness and luxury, mirror Nellie’s conviction in the importance of self-worth and the courage to stand as an equal partner.

This track draws inspiration from artists like Jorja Smith and Summer Walker. “Boss” comes with a catchy music video directed by BlueBoredom. The video not only entertains but also empowers, focusing on Nellie’s confidence and her message of self-respect.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “Boss,” Nellie states, “Boss’ is more than just a song to me – it’s a statement. It embodies my journey of self-discovery and self-respect. This song came from a place of realizing that in any relationship, my voice matters. It’s a celebration of knowing your value and not being afraid to demand the respect you deserve. ‘Boss’ was born out of a moment where I felt the need to express my strength, not just as a woman, but as a person who understands her worth. It’s a reminder to myself and to others that in love and life, we are our own bosses. The process of creating ‘Boss’ was deeply personal and liberating. It’s a blend of my experiences, dreams, and the musical influences that have shaped me as an artist.”

Growing up immersed in the timeless melodies of legends like Etta James and Marvin Gaye, Nellie’s early exposure to music ignited her passion. Her decision to leave academia behind showed her commitment to creating a distinctive sound. Her music is Influenced by Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill.

Watch the music video for “Boss” below and stream the track on Spotify above.