Exploring Raw Emotion: Lavi’s Latest Release “Got Me High”

lavi got me high

Emerging from the vibrant music scene of Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Lavi is making waves in the indie-pop world with her latest release, “Got Me High.” Rooted in her Romanian-Canadian heritage, her music is a fusion of diverse influences, creating a sound that is both distinctive and captivating.

Driven by a desire to create music that is honest and raw, Lavi‘s journey began with a passion for storytelling. Drawing inspiration from her cross-cultural background, she infuses her songs with a unique blend of styles, exploring themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery.

“Got Me High” is a testament to Lavi‘s songwriting prowess, with lyrics that delve into the complexities of relationships and emotions. The track features her signature juxtaposition of melancholic themes with upbeat instrumentation, creating a dynamic and immersive listening experience.

Collaborating closely with producers, including NAWMS, Lavi has honed her sound, experimenting with different genres and musical styles. Influenced by a diverse range of artists such as JVKE, NF, and Chelsea Cutler, she has evolved from indie-folk influences to embrace a more indie-pop sound.

“Got Me High” is just the latest chapter in Lavi’s musical journey, with an upcoming track titled “Be Gone” set to explore themes of fear, abandonment, and self-recovery. Produced by Luke Matthew and mixed by Joachim, the song promises to be an emotive and powerful addition to her repertoire.

In addition to her solo work, Lavi is also collaborating with emerging artists, further expanding her musical horizons. With her unfiltered honesty and raw emotion, she is poised to make a significant impact on the indie-pop landscape, captivating listeners with her evocative voice and heartfelt lyrics.

Listen to the latest track “Got Me High” below: