Ryan Destiny Returns with Sultry New Single “How Your Hands Feel”

ryan destiny

Actress and songstress Ryan Destiny is back in the spotlight with her latest single, How Your Hands Feel,” marking her first original release in over a year.

The steamy track, drawing parallels to Rihanna‘s “Kiss It Better,” sees Destiny exploring themes of longing and desire as she reminisces about a past flame. Despite moving forward, there’s an undeniable yearning for the intimate connection they once shared.

In her velvety vocals, Destiny croons, “You say my side is beside myself / But that’s where I’m at, yeah-yeah / If you can’t show me what’s good tonight / Then what’s good with someone else? / I try to forget / How your hands feel,” capturing the emotional complexity of the situation.

Reflecting on How Your Hands Feel,” Destiny reveals, “I wanted to step into my sensual side. The song is sexy but vulnerable as well. Missing someone and having to let them know the way they made you feel is not always easy but this song feels like the confident and forward version of that mood. A good double back anthem.”

This latest release follows Destiny’s recent cover of Khamari’s “Doctor, My Eyes,” demonstrating her versatility as an artist. Prior to that, she unveiled her single “Lie Like That” in February 2023, leaving fans eager for more of her soulful sound.

Listeners can dive into the captivating allure of Ryan Destiny’s How Your Hands Feel below, as she sets the stage for what promises to be an exciting chapter in her musical journey.