Norelle Paints a Love Canvas with New Single “Again”

Norelle Paints a Love Canvas with New Single "Again"

R&B songstress Norelle returns to the spotlight with her latest single, “Again,” a soulful journey into the intricacies of love. Produced by Emmy winner Adam Blackstone and Steve McKie, the song encapsulates the euphoric sensation of continuously falling for a partner.

In “Again,” Norelle’s expressive vocals convey the overwhelming emotions of love, with lyrics like, “Moving through me like a hurricane / Never imagined I’d feel this way ’bout you / Got me speechless and I can’t explain / Where you came from but I pray you’ll stay / You’re all up in my mind.”

The track follows Norelle’s recent cover of Sade’s “Like a Tattoo,” released in celebration of Sade Adu’s 66th birthday. Reflecting on the cover, Norelle shares, “The performance of this song by Sade is so captivating and so majestic. It holds a feeling that is not easily duplicated or present much in music now.”

As an artist who values musical integrity, Norelle saw the cover as an opportunity to provide her unique perspective on the timeless beauty of Sade’s work. She explains, “Being an artist who values the integrity of music, I wanted the opportunity to give my take on something that was already so beautiful: The storytelling, the minimalism, the chords, but through my eyes.”

“Again” marks Norelle’s first original release since her 2021 EP, A Story About Love. Drawing from genuine experiences, the singer emphasizes, “I pulled from really true experiences — things that I’ve lived through, have evolved from, and stuff that I’m still working through. I want to encourage people to really feel that from the inside out. I want people to love who they are.”

With “Again,” Norelle continues to showcase her ability to translate personal stories into relatable and emotive musical pieces. Stream Norelle’s new love-infused single, “Again,” and immerse yourself in the soulful journey she unfolds.