Liza Reflects on Heartbreak and Second Chances in Latest Release, “In The End”


Canadian-Ethiopian songstress Liza has graced the music scene with her latest emotional offering, the poignant single “In The End.” Co-written with Marcus Semaj, the track navigates the complex aftermath of a breakup, capturing the essence of heartache and the contemplation of reigniting a fading connection.

Amidst the somber tones, Liza’s soulful voice takes listeners on a journey through the emotional whirlwind that follows the end of a romantic chapter. The lyrics convey a sense of vulnerability, as she sings, “Stuck in my ways ’cause I might entertain what you do / Too vulnerable, just might end up calling you / ‘Cause where do we go when / Feelings still live here / We’re both apart now.”

Collaborating with Marcus Semaj, known for his work on tracks like Snoh Aalegra’s “I Want You Around” and Givēon’s “Like I Want You,” Liza ensures a depth of lyrical and musical richness. Co-produced by Akeel Henry, Kevin Ekofo, and Jack Rochon, “In The End” captures the nuances of heartbreak and the lingering possibility of reconciliation.

This release follows Liza’s 2023 tracks “Give In” and “call me when you get this,” hinting at a potential future project in the making. In 2021, Liza made waves with her EP DONE IS DONE, featuring the standout track “LANDSDOWNE,” produced by Akeel Henry and boasting over five million streams on Spotify.

“In The End” not only showcases Liza’s vocal prowess but also her ability to convey raw, relatable emotions through her music. As fans delve into the depths of this latest single, it leaves anticipation lingering for what artistic ventures Liza has in store for the future.