SiR Unleashes Gritty New Single “No Evil” Alongside Sizzling Visuals


R&B sensation SiR is back in the spotlight with a powerful return, dropping his first official single since 2022 titled “No Evil,” presented by TDE/The Orchard.

Produced by Taylor Hill, the track showcases a departure from SiR’s signature velvety vocals, opting for a grittier sound that intricately weaves themes of loneliness and longing. In the soulful chorus, SiR croons, “What’s your superpower / Show me what you’re made of / I’ve been lonely for days / But we’re one in the same.”

Accompanying the release is a visually captivating music video directed by Loris Russier, paying homage to D’Angelo’s iconic “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” video. Set against a sleek black backdrop, SiR passionately belts out each lyric, shirtless and adorned with glistening oil. The visuals provide glimpses of his sculpted physique from various angles, interspersed with shots of a mysterious woman and two dancers.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, SiR’s transformed physique in the video represents a personal evolution, discussed in a 2022 interview with Rated R&B. The Inglewood native shared his commitment to health and fitness, expressing, “I’m trying to lose a little weight, so I’m just trying to keep it healthy today.” His dedication to the gym and overall well-being shines through the video.

In anticipation of his upcoming album, Heavy, SiR has already treated fans to chart-topping hits like “Nothing Even Matters” and the Scribz Riley-assisted “Life Is Good.” The album promises to unveil a new chapter in SiR’s life, showcasing his growth mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Addressing the completion of his album, SiR took to X (formerly Twitter) to share the exciting news with fans, revealing, “Album is finished & working on a tour.” While a specific release date for Heavy is yet to be unveiled, SiR’s return with “No Evil” sets the stage for a much-anticipated musical journey.