J. Valentine Unveils Emotive Single “The Day After” Ahead of Upcoming Album

j. valentine

R&B artist J. Valentine has revealed his latest emotionally charged single, “The Day After,” marking the third release from his highly anticipated album, Conversations With Women. Co-written by J. Valentine, producer Shawn Holmes, and singer/songwriter Feather, the devotional ballad arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day.

In this soulful track, J. Valentine explores the depth of love, emphasizing its resilience during both highs and lows in a relationship. The lyrics convey a commitment to standing by a partner’s side through challenges, assuring that love will endure despite any obstacles.

On the velvety production, J. Valentine croons, “Might have roadblocks in our lane / But it don’t matter / Give you all my love today / And the day after / Hold it down even if we fall / Love still won’t change.”

“The Day After” follows J. Valentine’s earlier February release, “Before The Streets,” with both tracks joining November’s “Thank Me For That” on the forthcoming album, Conversations With Women. This album, J. Valentine’s debut, is scheduled for release later this year under R&B Money, an independent label co-owned by the artist and Tank.

As anticipation builds for the album, fans can immerse themselves in the heartfelt melodies of “The Day After.” Stream J. Valentine’s latest single below.