An In-Depth Interview with Blink on “Leave This Club”

blink leave this club

Blink, welcome! With your latest track, “Leave This Club,” you’ve truly set the stage on fire. It’s an absolute pleasure to have you here. Before we dive into the magic behind the music, we’re curious to explore how your experiences in vibrant cities like Vancouver and LA have influenced the distinctive flavor of this lively and stylish track.

Q: Blink, with “Leave This Club,” you’ve crafted a track that’s both lively and stylish. Can you describe how your experiences in diverse cities like Vancouver and LA have infused a unique flavor into this song?

A: I think my smooth, stylish style represents a good party vibe that’s worldwide.

blink leave this club

Q: The music video for “Leave This Club” juxtaposes intimate piano scenes with lively stage performances. How does this reflect your journey from a reflective songwriter to an energetic stage presence?

A: By seeing my video, you can see smooth vibes and an energetic presence the same way I would hop on stage with tons of energy.

Q: Your previous releases have demonstrated a seamless blend of various musical influences. In “Leave This Club,” which artists or genres played a pivotal role in shaping the sound?

 A: R&B, Janet Jackson, Neyo, Robin Thicke, and Drake Justin TImberlake.

Q: You’ve mentioned drawing inspiration from moments of solitude. Can you share how this solitude influenced the creative process for “Leave This Club”?

A: I get the best ideas from a moment of silence, and I came up with the idea after seeing beautiful women at the club.

blink leave this club

Having grown up with a rich tapestry of musical influences from your parents, how do these early experiences find expression in the upbeat and engaging vibe of “Leave This Club”?

A: Mainly, hearing multiple songs from my parents has given me a wide range of worldwide and multicultural music.

Q: In “Leave This Club,” you project a confident, almost larger-than-life persona. How do you balance this artistic expression with your authentic self?

A: Well, I always love fashion. So really, I’m just being myself. I just always wanted to give a positive vibe.

Your academic achievements are quite impressive. How do you think your background in Geography and Accounting has contributed to your approach to music, especially in terms of understanding your audience and managing the business side of your career?

A: Accounting helps me count the bag, and my geography side helps me have a wide range of various cultures and backgrounds to create my musical blend.

Blink, thank you for sharing your insights and the creative journey behind “Leave This Club.” Your ability to blend reflective songwriting with an energetic stage presence is truly commendable. We look forward to witnessing more of your smooth vibes and energetic performances in the future. Until then, thank you for gracing us with your presence and musical brilliance.

Watch the music video below:

Listen to “Leave This Club” here: