UMI Unveils Latest EP ‘Talking to the Wind’ featuring “happy im” and “why dont we go”


Rising singer-songwriter UMI has gracefully dropped her latest EP, titled Talking to the Wind, marking a breezy collection of four tracks that showcase her signature style. Independently released, the EP is a testament to UMI’s artistic autonomy.

The project, clocking in at a concise 10 minutes, is a delightful journey through UMI’s musical expression. Written entirely by the talented artist and skillfully produced by V-Ron, Talking to the Wind includes the previously revealed gems “why dont we go” and “happy im.”

Notably absent from this EP is “wherever u r,” featuring V of BTS, a track that made waves when released in late December and debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s R&B Digital Song Sales chart.

Adding a fresh touch to Talking to the Wind, UMI introduces the tracks “not necessarily” and “SHOW ME OUT.” In “not necessarily,” UMI shares her yearning for a romantic connection, crooning lyrics that express anticipation and vulnerability. “I’ve been standin’ here with my glass half full / When you’re gonna come over here? / We could end like a fool / Yup, you got the best of me,” she soulfully delivers.

Closing the EP with finesse is “SHOW ME OUT,” a track that exudes a desire to be loved openly. UMI’s vocals shine as she sings, “Baby, can you show me out? / Buy me things to brag about? / I just need your extra lovin’,” in the chorus.

In a statement about her latest creation, UMI shares, “Talking to the Wind is an EP that has felt like a leaf in the wind. Each of the songs were created at a time where I didn’t know exactly where I was going or what I was creating for.”

She continues, “The only thing I knew for certain was that in the moment of creating it all, I was happy. It’s okay to create without a map and to live without one, too; to breathe out and let the wind of life take you where you’re always meant to be.”

Talking to the Wind serves as a compelling follow-up to UMI’s 2022 debut album, Forest in the City, originally released on Keep Cool/RCA Records. The EP invites listeners into UMI’s artistic journey, offering a blend of soulful vocals and introspective lyrics.

Experience UMI’s latest musical endeavor, Talking to the Wind, available for streaming below.