Marbey’s “Horovel” – Soulful Echoes of Tradition in Modern Melodies

From the battle-scarred landscapes of Artsakh (aka Nagorno Kharabakh) to the vibrant streets of Yerevan, one of Armenia’s emerging versatile artist Marbey ‘s life was shaped amid the tumult of war. Her latest music video, “Horovel,” is a testament to her steady connection to her roots and a lively blend of traditional Armenian folk music with an electro-pop twist and garnering massive attention as we speak.

Marbey ‘s musical mastery has been a lifelong endeavour, sparked by her mother’s unfulfilled singing talent. 

From early participation in competitions to the tireless honing of her pursuit, Marbey‘s journey has been a testament to her dedication and passion. Over the last few years, she has delved into diverse musical styles, evolving from jazz to embrace electro-pop, alternative, and experimental genres. Her progressing sound reflects a continuous quest for her unique voice and identity, refusing to be confined to a specific genre.

Influenced by iconic figures like Sade, Alicia Keys, and Amy Winehouse, Marbey’s creativity is spontaneous and boundless. Her songwriting explores unexpected moments and places, capturing the essence of her life experiences. Collaborations with fellow artists are integral to her process, resulting in unique outcomes that fuse different artistic sensibilities seamlessly.

Horovel,” Marbey’s latest drop, is a heartfelt homage to her Armenian heritage.

Horovel is a stirring tribute to the rich tapestry of Armenian folk music, Marbey reimagines the traditional sounds of “Horovel” with a contemporary flair. Originally an anthem of the villagers’ toil in the fields, “Horovel” has been reborn under Marbey’s deft touch, seamlessly marrying the rustic charm of folk melodies with a vibrant energy of soulful sounds. 

The track’s lyrics, steeped in the distinct dialect of Artsakh, might pose a challenge for the listener, yet they add an undeniable lyrical depth to the piece. Through “Horovel,” Marbey paints a vivid picture of the Artsakh region’s mountains and hills, capturing the essence of village life and its deep connection with nature and agriculture. This rendition isn’t merely a nod to tradition; it’s a bold reimagining that extends the reach of this native dialect to a global audience.

Marbey’s musical evolution, transitioning from jazz roots to the realms of electro-pop, soulful and alternative genres, illustrates her relentless pursuit of a distinctive but crossover sound.

As a co-founder and ambassador of the Silk Note International Music Festival, Marbey’s influence in weaving the threads of international music into Armenia’s cultural fabric is unmistakable. Her contributions to the Armenian music scene have not gone unnoticed, earning her widespread acclaim and a prestigious place on stages worldwide. With “Horovel,” Marbey not only reimagines a traditional folk song but also exemplifies her forward-thinking approach, constantly innovating and dreaming. Horovel is available on all digital streaming platforms and watch the music video on YouTube below.