Koryn Hawthorne Confronts Illusions of Materialism in “Cut Em Off”

Koryn Hawthorne

Gospel music’s inspirational force, Koryn Hawthorne, known for her two Grammy nominations, has made a striking return with her new track and accompanying video, “Cut Em Off.” This release arrives as a prelude to her eagerly awaited album, “ON GOD.”

“Cut Em Off” packs a powerful message, cautioning against the allure of material wealth—the dazzle of bling, luxury cars, and the superficial trappings of a so-called good life. The song serves as a stark reminder of the high price often paid for such indulgences, warning of deceit hidden beneath surface allure.

As one fan aptly commented on YouTube, “It’s spiritual confirmation through music.” “Cut Em Off” resonates deeply with audiences seeking more than just surface glamour in life. Hawthorne’s insightful lyrics, combined with her mesmerizing vocal prowess, create a song that’s not just heard but felt on a profound level.

The music video for “Cut Em Off” echoes a ’90s aesthetic, portraying a narrative that many find familiar—the fast-paced, often misleading glamour of life in the limelight. Hawthorne, alongside the video’s cast, brings a sense of realism and urgency to the narrative. The video serves as a wake-up call, highlighting the importance of recognizing and severing ties with superficial and potentially harmful influences.

Hawthorne’s poignant chorus line, “You should’ve been Cut Em Off….Why do I keep forgetting God is all I need?” encapsulates the track’s core message. It’s a reminder of the importance of grounding oneself in faith and authenticity rather than getting lost in the transient and often misleading promises of material success.

“Cut Em Off” is more than just a song; it’s a statement from Hawthorne, urging listeners to re-evaluate their priorities and find strength in what truly matters. The track is a testament to her ability to weave together spiritual themes with contemporary issues, making her music relevant and impactful.

Experience the compelling narrative and vocal brilliance of Koryn Hawthorne in “Cut Em Off,” available to watch now. This track is not only a standout in Hawthorne’s discography but also a meaningful contribution to the landscape of modern gospel music.